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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

If it's Wednesday, I must be blogging

Today brought a glut of stories (ok, there were two of them) about our European friends that I considered worthy of commentary, so in a rare display of blogging initiative, I figured I'd take them both on. So fasten your seat belts, Christians, because Sister Nancy Beth is taking you on a whirlwind tour of the Outrages of Europe!

France: Still worth hating - As much as I welcome the possible Freedom the newly elected president of France promises to bring to his cheese-eating, surrender-happy constituents, it might ultimately be an exercise in futility. Prayer Warriors OneNewsNow alert us to a disturbing demographic trend that might make us want to keep those Freedom Fries on the menu:
A U.S. national defense expert and Pentagon advisor says that, even with the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as France's new president, it may already be too late to stop the eventual Islamic takeover of that country and much of Western Europe.

Lt. Col. Bob McGinnis (U.S. Army-Ret.) has spent a great deal of time in Europe and has been concerned with the growing Islamic influence on the continent. Although with the election of Sarkozy the French people have turned to someone who plans tougher measures on immigration, Maginnis fears it already may be too late.
Sadly, this whole tragic scenario could be avoided if the white women of France renounced their lesbianism and got pregnant for a change:
With a high Islamic fertility rate and "notoriously low" fertility rates among indigenous members of the population, these "little islands of ghettos of Islamic Sharia law" are going to continue to expand and eventually engulf the culture of the region, Maginnis asserts.
This is the country that gave us radical feminism and the frappé setting on our blenders, so my hunch is that heterosexuality is pretty much a lost cause with this bunch.

You can forget Poland - Despite their legendary stupidity, the people of Poland knew enough to hitch their wooden cart to the mighty stallion of Freedom and chip in 2500 troops for the liberation of Iraq. Well, it's one step forward and two steps back with these morons, because just when it looks like they're ready to take the fight to evildoers elsewhere in the world, they've adopted the timeworn strategy of their fellow pinheads, the Democrats, and would sooner cut and run than fight terrorism:
Poland's watchdog for children's rights was quoted as saying she would ask psychologists to investigate whether the TV "Teletubbies" character Tinky Winky is gay. On Tuesday, she backed away from the comments. ...

On Tuesday, Sowinska's spokeswoman Wieslawa Lipinska told The Associated Press that Sowinska "hasn't asked and won't ask" psychologists to investigate whether "Teletubbies" promote homosexuality. "They are fictional characters, they have nothing to do with reality, and the bag and scissors and other props the fictional characters use are there to create a fictional world that speaks to children," Lipinska said. "We are not going to deal with this issue any more."
Fictional characters? Nothing to do with reality? Those are the most pathetic excuses I've ever heard. If we conservative bloggers raised the white flag of surrender every time trivialities like that turned up, much of the past six years would not have happened. And it's particularly disappointing to see that the Polish government is adopting Bill Clinton's failed policy of Don't Ask/Don't Tell towards the sexuality of cartoon characters. The combat readiness and unit cohesion of all television programming suffers when homosexuality is allowed to flourish in its midst, and if our mission in Iraq doesn't succeed, Hollywood's homosexual cartoon characters will have a lot to answer for. Praise Him!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More blaspemy from The Left

Hello, Christians! Jesus & I had a busy weekend of protesting in Palm Springs, where the Outrages number in the hundreds, if not thousands. We served The Lord dutifully, but the combined effect of all that desert sun and our host's saltwater pool left my hair feeling like wire. Despite intensive first-aid and deep conditioning, my tresses remain on life-support, so I have sought the intercession of St. Jude. Please do not discount the power of Prayer and throw a few Hail Marys my way, if you are so inclined.

Unfortunately, Sin chose not to honor the troops by taking a long weekend, and my Prayer Warriors OneNewsNow alert me to the latest moonbat treachery. I don't think there's anything more offensive than the adoption of Our Christian Faith by a radical fringe out to advance its own partisan ends, but The Left has done it yet again:
An environmental group is under fire for using the account of Noah's Ark to try to bolster its claim that global warming will melt the poles and create floods of biblical proportions. Greenpeace International is constructing a replica of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey as "a warning to mankind to act now to prevent global warming."

The 32' x 13' x 13' wooden ship is being assembled some 8,200 feet above sea level by Greenpeace volunteers in an effort to underscore the environmentalist group's urgent appeal to leaders of all nations "to tackle global warming and the impending climate change crisis." One Greenpeace leader told Reuters News the Ark project is designed to spur politicians and world leaders into fighting what he describes as "the climate catastrophe" they "are primarily responsible for."
Even though what they're advocating conflicts with Scripture, it still doesn't keep The Left from suddenly getting religion when it conveniently meshes with some plank on their perverted agenda (compassion for the sick & elderly, ending the stoning of homosexuals, abolishing slavery, etc). Don't be fooled by their sudden onset of piety -- the real deal is the exclusive province of the Republican Party.

I guess what offends me so deeply about this latest ploy is that moonbats already have their own crappy religion, so why do they need to drag Christianity into this?
Marc Morano, a spokesman for the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, says environmentalism has now become a pseudo-religion. "If you look at the new eco-hotel," he notes, "and Reuters News wrote about this, Al Gore's book, [An Inconvenient Truth,] is actually being placed in the nightstand now instead of the Bible in these eco-friendly hotels.
History has shown repeatedly that when pagan beliefs are melded with Christianity, the resulting unholy gumbo (Voodoo, Santeria, Unitarianism, et al.) is long on animal sacrifice but short on actual Christian doctrine. In the final analysis, the only difference between these eco-"Christians" and their Satan-worshipping peers is that, when it comes time to hex your beloved Sister Nancy Beth, it will be a free-range chicken tied to my tailpipe, rather than what you get from your local botanica's freezer. Which is the greatest irony of all: The Left claims to be motivated by concern for the natural world, but in the end, the wildlife they've shed so many crocodile tears over are little more than props to be used in the ritual slaughters of their ghoulish death cult. Remember, the best way to save the environment from these charlatans is to maintain Our President's steady policy of strong defense, deregulation, drilling in ANWR, and heavy reliance on fossil fuels. Praise Him!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

FDA to homos: You're still disgusting

I readily confess to having done more than my share of badmouthing the Food & Drug Administration as patsies of The Left, mostly for failing to act on my numerous requests that they classify "100% natural" styling products as Schedule 1 controlled substances on account of their Islezbotropic capabilities. Today, however, I take most of that condemnation back, as they seem to have come to their collective bureaucratic senses and have decided to protect Our Nation's Christian Heritage for a change, rather than caving in to the Outrageous demands of radical homosexual activists:

Gay men remain banned for life from donating blood, the government said Wednesday, leaving in place for now a 1983 prohibition meant to prevent the spread of HIV through transfusions.

The Food and Drug Administration reiterated its long-standing policy on its Web site Wednesday, more than a year after the Red Cross and two other blood groups criticized the policy as "medically and scientifically unwarranted."
It's needless to say I applaud this decision. Experience has taught me that the more "scientfically unwarranted" an idea is, the smaller the probability it's a liberal plot hatched in some East Coast liberal arts department with the intent of destroying Western Civilization, like evolution or geometry. This is a transparent attempt to normalize homosexuality, with the implicit message that their blood is just as valid as that of heterosexuals. If we let the nancies into the blood bank, it's just a matter of time before it's used as evidence by the proponents of "gay" "marriage" to advance their sinful agenda: If their blood serves the human body just as well as traditional blood, so their tortured logic goes, shouldn't their relationships be given the same legal footing as traditional marriage? Christians, maintaining the ban on gay blood donors may be the only chance at survival Family Values have.

I also have every confidence that this will be used to market homosexuality as something "natural" and non-threatening, rather than the menance to national security it truly is. Who wants to bet that each pint of designer label La Sangre brand homosexual blood will come packaged with a card saying "Brought to you by the Homosexual Lobby," with a mail-in card for a trial subscription to The Advocate? Already homosexuality is presented as something outre and glamorous, and gay plasma may do more to promote this deviant lifestyle than 50 seasons of Will and Grace.

Maybe I've seen too many movies where a transplanted organ imparts some traits of the donor to the recipient, but this strikes me as a common enough theme to think there must be some truth to it -- maybe Hollywood is trying to tell us something. Who's to say that homosexuality isn't really a bloodborn pathogen that, in its tertiary stages, causes its victims to cornhole one another, attend musical theater, and vote Democratic? Given the implications for national security, it's vital that any potential carriers be screened out, which makes the lax standards being espoused by Red Cross and the other minions of the Homosexual Agenda all the more terrifying:
In March 2006, the Red Cross, the international blood association AABB and America's Blood Centers proposed replacing the lifetime ban with a one-year deferral following male-to-male sexual contact. New and improved tests, which can detect HIV-positive donors within just 10 to 21 days of infection, make the lifetime ban unnecessary, the blood groups told the FDA.

In a document posted Wednesday, the FDA said it would change its policy if given data that show doing so wouldn't pose a "significant and preventable" risk to blood recipients.
Again, I support their reasoning. A year's abstinence from man-on-man sex acts hardly reduces the risk of transmission of homosexuality, particularly when other forms of homosexual activity (attending Cher farewell tours, brunch, shopping at Pottery Barn) aren't prohibited. If -- and that's a mighty big if -- we are to allow these perverts to give blood, why not require that potential donors receive certificates of heterosexuality from Exodus or other accredited ex-gay ministries, to ensure the Purity of the blood supply? I certainly don't want their gay blood, or any other of their gay bodily fluids, pumped into my body, and I doubt you do, either. Drop the FDA a note and let them know you support their embrace of sound science and sound Values. Praise Him!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


If you were to believe the narrative put forward by the likes of Rosie O'Donnell, Katie Couric, and their Islamist homosexual allies in the liberal media, President Bush is the worst president Our Nation has ever had, Iraq is in tatters, global "warming" is upon us, and their hero Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. While a steady diet of Fox News and WorldNetDaily has certainly served as a strong antidote for us conservative bloggers against these sorts of Unhinged attacks on Freedom, the same cannot be said for the newer generation of Americans. Filtering software and TimesSelect may keep the most damaging garbage on the internets out of the reach of Our Nation's children, but the all-pervasive Culture of Death these traitors are shilling has still managed to taint their beautiful minds. Imagine my sorrow to see that MSM has ruined Christianity for an entire generation:
Media Warped Young Conservatives' Views of Falwell

Young evangelicals came of age with George W. Bush as their president and the media as their caretaker. And when Jerry Falwell died last week, many didn’t really get it.

One young conservative in Michigan confused the Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell with Fred Phelps, the Kansas pastor who pickets soldiers’ funerals, and wondered whether his death was a good thing.

Another young conservative, this one in Washington, D.C., described him as an extreme fundamentalist who hurt the conservative movement.
This is an Outrage! Depicting Rev. Falwell as an intolerant bigot only undermines his noble legagy -- the political empowerment of other intolerant bigots. Surely Rev. Falwell wasn't the only Christian who saw a purse-toting cartoon character on his tv and was stricken with the horrible realization that Traditional Marriage was in the enemy's crosshairs, or that the travel agent for the 9/11 hijackers was probably some dyke at the National Organization for Women. Millions of Americans have drawn similar and equally insightful conclusions, and thanks to the efforts of Rev. Falwell, these people now vote. So thank you, Rev. Falwell, for helping to steer this deeply informed segment of the citizenry into the polls. Our Nation will be reaping the benefits for years to come. Praise Him!

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Saving public education

There are days when I think the expression "God and Country" constitutes the top two targets of The Left's hit list, rather than being the credo by which the Constitution decrees all of the citizens of Our Nation to live. Case in point is the latest frivolous lawsuit filed by the Anti-Christian Lesbians Union of Texas, which alleges a high school course that teaches that the godless (and by extension, Democrats) are going to Hell is somehow factually incorrect, despite the avalanche of compelling scholarship presented in sources such as The Omen movies. I extend my deepest thanks to my Prayer Warriors OneNewsNow for alerting me to this latest Outrage:
The parents claim the district-approved course -- "The Bible in History and Literature," which uses the King James Version of the Bible -- violates their religious liberty by promoting particular religious beliefs to children in their community. Associated Press quotes one of the plaintiffs, a Presbyterian deacon, who believes public schools "are no place for religious indoctrination that promotes certain beliefs that not all the kids in the school share."

Hiram Sasser is with the Liberty Legal Institute, which is advising the school district. He says the Ector County schools are not doing anything wrong.

"The ACLU and people of that ilk, they just hate the Bible so much that they fundamentally disagree with the U.S. Supreme Court in its suggestion to be able to teach a Bible course in a secular way," Sasser asserts. "That's not even good enough for them. They just don't want the Bible to even go into the schoolhouse gates at all," he says.
I encountered similar hostility in beauty school, when I lobbied vociferously to have a Fundamentals of Christian Glamour course added to the curriculum of Martinelli's School of Beauty. Even a course as rich in educational and civic benefits as this one was anathema to those ivory tower Marxists, who were more than eager to discount the millenia of personal grooming tips contained in The Bible in order to satiate their immense hatred for Christianity and America.

As if there isn't enough porn already on the Internets, the ACLU has decided to degrade our political discourse further by posting this hardcore filth on their website. I was particularly struck by the following allegation:
41. For example, the Bible Course as taught at Permian High School relies on resources from WallBuilders, an organization whose self-described mission includes "educating the nation concerning the Godly foundation of our country" and "providing information to federal, state, and local officals as they develop public policies which reflect Biblical values." The NCBCPS curriculum, for example, recommends a showing of the WallBuilders' video production, "Foundations of American Government," which concludes that "[e]very moral measurement shows the same statistical departure: No religious principles, no morality."
In the interest of jazzing things up a bit, I've taken the liberty of adding a graphical representation of the relationship between religious principle and morality (click to enlarge):

As you can see, the abandonment of religious principles and morality has disastrous consequences for Our Nation. Let us pray that Justice may prevail so that The Word can continue to reach the heathens of America's public schools. Praise Him!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hairway to Heaven

Ethnic hairdressing, along with affirmative action and judicial activism like Brown v. Board of Education, has done more to disenfranchise America's minorities than that perennial liberal bugbear, "racism," could ever hope to do. Objective scientific analysis has long shown an undeniable correlation between hairstyles and Righteousness, particularly when plotted on the bell curve of Christian Cosmetology. In light of this unassailable evidence, the only rational conclusion we can draw we should encourage the economically disadvantaged to adopt straight, platinum-blonde hairdos through whatever policy means are available to us.

Naturally the racial grievance industry kicked into overdrive with this one, even going so far as to speciously link hair straighteners with potentially life-threatening health risks. I am pleased to report their scare tactics have been exposed:
Chemical "relaxers" commonly used by black women to straighten hair are not associated with any increased risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new study.

Researchers found women who used hair relaxers seven or more times per year over a period of 20 years or longer had the same risk of breast cancer as those who had used the products for less than a year.
Cancer is a truly horrible disease, which makes it all the more unforgivable that The Left would try to politicize it in this way, especially since it's been long established that the leading cause of cancer is abortion (and to a lesser degree, being pro-choice). Let us pray that our more melanin-enriched sisters take this information to heart, and begin a process of reconciliation with The Lord that includes cultivating long, silky locks of spun gold, joining the Republican Party, and rallying for the elimination of those disastrous civil rights laws. Only then they will fully enjoy the Freedom that Our Nation offers to its citizens. Praise Him!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Habitat for carnality

Could there possibly be a worse human being on the face of the earth than Jimmy Carter? Not content with visually raping every woman he encounters, sharing his opera box with lard-ass of note Michael Moore, or reducing neighborhood property values with his vanity welfare housing project, this sworn enemy of Israel has now decided to take his wrecking ball to the moral undergirdings of Our Nation, the armed services, and turn their bases into giant gay bathhouses:

Former President Jimmy Carter issued a statement yesterday urging the United States military drop its “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy regarding homosexuals in the military.

"The nation’s commitment to human rights requires that lawmakers revisit ’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ the current policy that prevents lesbians, gays and bisexuals from serving openly in our armed forces," Carter said in an exclusive statement to the homosexual activist group, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN).

Carter told the SLDN that the current prohibition “regulates a group of citizens then prohibits them from identifying themselves and speaking up on their own behalf.”

Carter also added, “The estimated 65,000 gay men and women who currently are serving our country honorably deserve respect” and mentioned that over 11,000 homosexual servicemen have been dismissed since “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Outrageous! As any Patriot can tell you, only the vigorous expulsion of homosexuals from the armed forces (and, of course, the spiritual guidance of Ronald Reagan) kept America from falling under the the domination of those godless communists. It's sad The Left has chosen to neglect the lessons of the Cold War so soon, particularly with the Global War on Terror raging on... but if you stop to consider that liberals never really wanted us to prevail against the Soviets to begin with, perhaps it's not that surprising that they would try to sabotage our military this way.

It's no coincidence that as social tolerance of homosexuality increases, America's military superiority diminishes. Do the math: Would America have had to flee from Vietnam had "Norman, Is That You" not introduced a generation of young American males to the illicit thrills of salt & pepper buttsex, thereby making them ineligible for duty ? Could Iran have held 52 Americans hostage if women's tennis in the 70's hadn't become synonymous with mulleted sapphism, luring hordes of American women down the sinful path of physical fitness and macrame instead of joining the WACs? Would the construction of Iraq 2.0, a bustling, newly Christian, free-market Utopia, already have been completed had "Miss" Melissa Etheridge not received an Oscar for her contributions to An Inconvenient Truth, a film prominently featuring vocal anti-war critic Al Gore, who is also fat? The answer, of course, is obvious.

To retain her position as the ruler of the Free World, America must wage war on many fronts, often simultaneously. Not only must she duke it out with our enemies abroad (Iran, Afghanistan, and until recently, France), but also with those that would threaten her here: homos, Democrats, environmentalists, ethnic minorities, vegetarians -- you name it. That these people would elect Jimmy Carter to be their president speaks volumes of the seriousness of the threat they pose. By keeping their lavender comrades out of the military, and eventually purging it even equally undesirable strains, can we hope to restore Our Nation to greatness and be a beacon of Freedom unto the world. Praise Him!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In Memoriam

Oops, sorry about that unplanned sabbatical, Christians. My schedule is overflowing with the workaday Persecution I suffer here at the Beauty Palace M-F, and when you figure in my early morning protests at the gym, my Sunday dose of Outrage at Our Lady of the Denunciation, the obligatory brunchtime protest with the girls afterwards, and my weekly Persecution at guitar lessons (plus trying to practice 3-4 times a week for it), there hasn't a lot of time for blogging.

I've also had to tend more than usual to the needs of Jesus, who is being Persecuted by His medical program with a severity not even that noted theologian and chronicler of contemporary martyrdom, Chuck Norris, could fathom. Part of this quarter's curriculum is "organic" chemistry, whose name should be a dead giveaway to the depths of the anti-Christian & anti-American bias contained therein, as organic anything is just a thinly veiled attempt by The Left to promote neighborhood recycling programs while turning us into homosexuals. "Fuck this! I'm calling in The Rapture," He's remarked on more than one occasion, usually after spending far too many hours staring at the diagram for methylethylpolysomething-or-other.

"Now Jesus," I've sternly intoned, "If you let Armageddon start before Republican majorities can be restored to Congress and Democrats get credit for bringing on The Rapture, you know I'll never forgive you. I won't say one word to you in the Hereafter. I mean it." Which seems to work, for now, but it'll be touch and go until finals with this one, I can tell.

But if anything could jolt me out of my quasi-semi-non-official hiatus, it would be the death of Prayer Warrior Jerry Falwell, a great spiritual teacher who taught me, as well as millions like me, that behind even the most innocent facade, radical homosexual activists are poised, like crouching tigers (or hidden dragons, or something), ready and waiting to violate our rosy trapdoors the second Our Nation lets its unsuspecting guard down. While it grieves me to know that he died before he could fully expunge the American airwaves of the menace of homosexual cartoon characters, thereby preventing another 9/11 attack, at least his croaking inspired me to blog again: Brother Jerry, it was not in vain. Praise Him!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Ever since The Left managed to inextricably link home permanents and false eyelashes with free & easy sex, Our Nation's Virtue has been in a state of free fall. Rather than the tools of penitence that allow us Fallen daughters of Eve to atone for the sins of womanhood, they've been turned into implements of Satan. It's gotten to the point that I can't even walk past a news stand without some magazine cover offering to "sexx me up" with 5 easy hairdo tips -- thanks, but no thanks.

Hollywood is the serial offender when it comes to abusing the Sacred art of cosmetology to further its subversive agenda of abortion, anal sex, and non-observant Judaism, so imagine my horror when I learned that heathen Chinee-abetting, jihad-loving, troop-hating Google decided to join the fray:and mock God's Word:
The work day has just begun yet some Google employees are already taking a break to get a haircut in the Internet leader's parking lot. Rather than lamenting the distraction, Google encourages it.

Every day three refitted Winnebago mobile homes roll into famed Silicon Valley high-tech companies such as Yahoo, eBay, Cisco Systems and Genentech.

The service by Onsite Haircuts illustrates Silicon Valley's distinctive work culture and is welcomed as firms seek to motivate workers and give them a sense of community. Ultimately, experts say, such an environment boosts productivity.
Outrageous -- how dare they trample on our most cherished religious Beliefs, all in the advancement of their perverted liberal agenda! That they can do so -- and be LAUDED for it by the MSM -- shows how Persecuted we Christians truly are here in America. I've long advocated that a morals clause and loyalty oath be administered as a component of cosmetology licensing process, as well as that hairdressers, manicurists, and affiliated glamourcrafts tradespeople have the right to refuse to serve those we find morally objectionable. Not only would these Freedoms prevent abominations like this from happening, it would go a long ways in restoring morality in America. Praise Him!

* Term coined by Nancy-Con emeritus Esperanto Manimal.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Camp x-ray

One could argue the subjugation of Christians to the Godless mandates of Islam hasn't become a reality in America -- yet. However, dhimmitude is a fact of life for people in the more backwards regions of the globe where Christianity never really got a foothold, like Nigeria and Minnesota. And while I'd like to think that Our Nation's Christian heritage can prevent a similar fate from befalling this country, Prayer Warriors OneNewsNow inform us of a possible jihad being waged against Christians on American soil, and on a military base, no less:
The wife of a soldier stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, says she doesn't think her children and other people on base should have to hear Muslim prayers being broadcast five times a day.

The Army claims it is being done to prepare troops heading to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sarah Holler's husband has been stationed at Fort Riley for about five years. However, she says two months ago she felt as though she had somehow been transported to the Middle East as she heard Muslim prayers blaring out over loudspeakers on post five times a day.

"My kids are subjected to it, I'm subjected to it, and spouses and soldiers that aren't getting deployed are being subjected to it," Holler points out. "And one of my concerns is actually that soldiers who have already been deployed to Iraq are coming home and hearing it in their own country," she says.
There, there, Miss -- from what I hear, soldiers aren't coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan, at least not any time soon, so there's no need for her to waste her beautiful mind worrying about that. However, I understand the difficulty a Christian parent faces in this situation. These constant entreaties for her children to worship a false god must present overwhelming temptation for them to jettison their Faith and embrace Sin in all its depravity -- much like that weekend I got free HBO. I haven't given out a virtual tissue in a while, but I am so moved by Sarah's plight that this one's going out just for her:

You would think an offense this egregious would have a pretty good explanation, but it pains me to say that the Army's justification rings more than a bit hollow:
Deb Skidmore, who is with the Public Affairs Office at the Army post near Manhattan, Kansas, says in June 2006 Fort Riley was tasked with training transition teams going to Iraq and Afghanistan, and those soldiers must be immersed in the Islamic culture.

"Signs are in Arabic," Skidmore notes. "They also have them in English so that [soldiers] can learn what place they need to go, but it's in Arabic," she says. Meanwhile, she notes, "role players are all over that area of the post who are acting as if they are Afghanis or Iraqis. They give them different situations to react to."
And I suppose that's why so many billboards and street names here in Los Angeles are in Spanish, because we're being prepped to fight the Mexicans, right? If we weren't winning the Global War on Terror (which we totally are, like 20 to 1), I'd be tempted to say that acquiescence to radical Islam (i.e. "understanding the culture") is why we're losing. If anything, those speakers should be blaring calls for Christian prayer, or Toby Keith, or something. Praise Him!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Birthdays & other maladies

I turn 36 today and I'm depressed as hell. The only thing that makes me feel slightly better is posting this picture of my cat that Jesus took:

If my animal math is correct, he's technically 105, so I guess it could be a lot worse. Praise Him!


Food for thought

One of the biggest lies The Left would have us believe is that the influx of terrorists better known by its stage name, "Multiculturalism," somehow enriches Our Nation. Quite frankly, I'm still waiting to experience any of its benefits, as the cheap labor from Latin America, homosexuality from France, and democracy from Greece have done little but coarsen America's culture and tarnish her Glory in the eye of the Almighty. With any luck, the thwarted attack [thanks, torture!] on that figurative heart of American Manhood, Fort Dix, will dispel this foolish and self-destructive notion, as it underscores how our nonchalance towards immigration threatens the very safety of Our Nation:
The federal government Monday charged six alleged "Islamic radicals" with plotting to kill U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey. ...

One of the suspects was born in Jordan, another in Turkey, the attorney's office said. The rest are believed to be from the former Yugoslavia, "either U.S. citizens or living illegally in the United States." ...

According to the FBI affidavit, [defendant Serdar] Tatar had delivered pizzas to Fort Dix while working for his family's restaurant, and Shnewer said Tatar knew the base "like the palm of his hand."
The lesson is obvious: Had America stood her ground and not let those damn Italians into this country, pizza would remain an epicurean curiosity, and these deliverymen would have been unable to trangress the ramparts of this fortress unnoticed. And that's just one variant of the culinary terrorism we Americans live under the constant threat of, as the subsequent waves of migration have only compounded this problem a thousandfold. When I go home today, I will find on my screen door at least three take-out menus, all of which are trojan horses to lure us into inviting foreigners into our homes so they can case them for future terrorist attacks. Christians, we are under a state of siege. This is no melting pot, it's a melting plot, and attacks of this sort will be unavoidable as long as liberal elites continue to sneer at American cuisine and American values. Praise Him!

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Children of the cornhole

Another al-Qaeda training manual?

Radical homosexual activists are not only recruiting Our Nation's children into their morally despicable lifestyle, they're also turning them into terrorists:
A small group of parents demonstrating against homosexuality were assaulted by a crowd of nearly 200 hostile students outside Brookline High School during the pro-homosexual “Day of Silence,” MassResistance reported April 25.

Described as “screaming, swearing and throwing food,” the students surrounded the half-dozen parents while several school faculty members and administrators stood by.

One parent, identified as Bruce C., told Mass Resistance, “At least one hundred kids were surrounding me like buzzing bees debating these arguments, some yelling degrading comments like "moron", "idiot", cursing, occasionally throwing food and wads of paper at me, burning my flyer, doing simulated homosexual sex acts, telling me they were going to sodomize me, boys were kissing and making out with other boys and girls were making out and fondling other girls to loud ecstatic cheering.”
When Christians are subjected to the sort of abuse they should be dishing out to homos and the LAPD is roughing up Fox News crews instead of illegal immigrants, then clearly The Left has taken this country through the looking glass. Let us pray that Our President has the fortitude to continue fighting the terrorists. Praise Him!

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Further notes on the Reconquista

Illegal immigration is responsible for bringing many plagues upon Our Nation (the Virginia Tech shooting, 9/11, childhood obesity, & Satanism* to name a few), but all of those pale in comparison to the latest wave of Terror that these undocumented footsoldiers of The Left are bringing. According to Prayer Warriors OneNewsNow, America must now brace itself for a wave of Commandment-breaking so fearsome it's enough to make a girl drop to her knees and pray for Rapture:
A pro-family group says demonstrators demanding amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal aliens in the United States are teaching their children lawlessness.

Open-borders proponents are once again ratcheting up their calls for the U.S. Congress to provide a so-called "path to citizenship" for millions of illegal aliens. But Phil Magnan, director of Biblical Family Advocates, says the illegal immigrant movement in America is teaching children that they do not have to submit to the governing authorities.

"I'd considered the issue for quite some time and thought about the impact of parents actually ignoring the loss of the land and actually thinking in terms of that they were somehow entitled to the United States and what kind of lessons that actually teaches children," Magnan notes. "And what I had seen was, in reality, their parents are, by their actions and their attitudes, actually teaching children that it's okay to steal and that it's okay to covet your neighbor's goods," he says.
Sure, the murdering and stealing are going to be a bitch, as will be all that taking of false idols and coveting of neighbors' wives. But what really sticks in my craw is that these people will be taking The Lord's name in vain in Mexican. When I hear (or use, on those ever so rare occasions, but only whilst in the midst of some fleeting demonic possession) profanity, it better be in English. Who's to say that our new citizens won't implement politically correct speech codes that mandate we cuss in Mexican, or Spanish, or some other equally bizarre tongue? Do you want that to happen?

As horrible as all of this is, keep in mind that it's just a sliver of the horrors that await this country as illegal immigrants import their disdain for Biblical authority from their native lands. What I truly dread is the trickle-down effect this is sure to have as lesser, even secular, authorities give way to their contempt for the rule of law: Children will run with scissors or not return library books on time, housewives will refuse to empty lint traps, pet owners won't curb their dogs, drivers won't use their turn signals, people other than Pat Boone will wear white shoes after Labor Day, and Americans won't floss once daily, leading to an epidemic of gum disease and halitosis. In short, illegal immigrants will induce the complete collapse of Western Civilization as we know it, leading to the establishment of the Islezbofascist caliphate in which native-born heterosexuals are forced at gunpoint to become orthodox Muslim homosexuals. Christians, contact your congressman to demand the most draconian immigration laws imaginable before it's too late. Praise Him!

*Thanks to loyal Nancy-Con Gerald Fnord for the tip.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

License to ill

Anything your perverted hearts desire, my lieges

Outrageous! When it comes to vanity license plates, we Christians have to jump through a ridiculous number of hoops in order not to ruffle the feathers of The Left's imaginary friend, the "separation" of Church and state. So is anyone surprised to find out that one of the Democrats' largest voting blocs, perverts, are about to get their own specialty plates served up to them by their dutiful stewards in the state legislature?
Lawmakers in three states are pushing bills to require convicted sex offenders to display special license plates on their cars.

Proponents in Wisconsin, Ohio and Alabama say the sex offender plates would be another tool to keep the public safe. Critics say the plates would lead to a false sense of security and unintended consequences.

"For too long child sex predators have been watching our children," said state Rep. Joel Kleefisch, a Wisconsin Republican. "It's time we have an opportunity to watch them back."

Wisconsin's bill, authored by Kleefisch, would require people convicted of the most serious assaults involving children to use a chartreuse-green plate. The license plate in Ohio would be fluorescent green, and the Alabama bill would leave it up to the state Department of Revenue to design the plate.
They might as well issue them limousines and personal chauffeurs while they're at it, because that's the same level of preferential treatment they're showing this royal caste. If a Christian wants a plate that announces his opposition to the murder of some tramp's unborn and probably illegitimate child, he has to fight tooth and nail all the way the Supreme Court, but the pro-sex offender lobby can watch their plates bill sail through practically uncontested! I second Thomas Sowell's call for a military coup, if only to finally restore some common sense to the governance of Our Nation. Praise Him!


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fables of the Reconquista

Tostada al-Sadr

As illegal immigrants flood the streets of Our Nation and terrorize the white citizenry with their demands for special treatment like the right to commit DUIs or to work in sweatshops without fear of deportation, Prayer warriors OneNewsNow provide a timely reminder about the embarrassing background of one of this movement's icons. Che Guevara, most recently spotted by Michelle Malkin on the t-shirts of the suspiciously pigmented, is not only a bloodthirsty tyrant on par with Pol Pot, Stalin, or the Clintons, he's also the inventor of the sort of terrorism frequently practiced by The Left:
Yet somehow, Guevara is viewed as a saint and selfless martyr by liberals, the author observes. He says of Guevara, "Worldwide, he is the most recognized emblem of anti-Americanism -- how cool can you possibly get, right? -- and that automatically endears him to a certain mentality."

Nevertheless, Fontova asserts, it is no exaggeration to state that Guevara, who was captured and killed nearly 40 years ago, was the godfather of modern terrorism. The author says he hopes his new book will help dispel the myth about this Cuban cult figure who is so idolized by the American left.
Who's to say how many of the 9/11 hijackers were proudly wearing their Che t-shirts on that infamous day? Or more importantly, how many of today's hooligans themselves won't be piloting commercial aircraft into a downtown skyline? As this invaluably informative piece shows, the ever-deepening links between militant Islam and illegal immigration require that today's rabble-rousers be viewed as the threat to Freedom they truly pose. While the Democratic "majority" may prevent the widespread enactment of the sort of law enforcement policies that are most effective in handling the threat of terrorism, we should at least try to force Osama's eager young recruits to instead wear Ronald Reagan t-shirts, at least until the rule of Law is restored in America. Praise Him!

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