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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

License to ill

Anything your perverted hearts desire, my lieges

Outrageous! When it comes to vanity license plates, we Christians have to jump through a ridiculous number of hoops in order not to ruffle the feathers of The Left's imaginary friend, the "separation" of Church and state. So is anyone surprised to find out that one of the Democrats' largest voting blocs, perverts, are about to get their own specialty plates served up to them by their dutiful stewards in the state legislature?
Lawmakers in three states are pushing bills to require convicted sex offenders to display special license plates on their cars.

Proponents in Wisconsin, Ohio and Alabama say the sex offender plates would be another tool to keep the public safe. Critics say the plates would lead to a false sense of security and unintended consequences.

"For too long child sex predators have been watching our children," said state Rep. Joel Kleefisch, a Wisconsin Republican. "It's time we have an opportunity to watch them back."

Wisconsin's bill, authored by Kleefisch, would require people convicted of the most serious assaults involving children to use a chartreuse-green plate. The license plate in Ohio would be fluorescent green, and the Alabama bill would leave it up to the state Department of Revenue to design the plate.
They might as well issue them limousines and personal chauffeurs while they're at it, because that's the same level of preferential treatment they're showing this royal caste. If a Christian wants a plate that announces his opposition to the murder of some tramp's unborn and probably illegitimate child, he has to fight tooth and nail all the way the Supreme Court, but the pro-sex offender lobby can watch their plates bill sail through practically uncontested! I second Thomas Sowell's call for a military coup, if only to finally restore some common sense to the governance of Our Nation. Praise Him!



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