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Thursday, April 26, 2007

How the West was lost

I extend my heartiest thanks to Prayer Warriors Human Events, who have once again exposed the treacheries of The Left with their characteristic insight and trenchancy. Naomi Wolf, a feminist still angry that nobody asked her to the prom, slapped together this nonsense about how Our President is laying the foundation of a "fascist" state here in America, a premise which defies all known scholarship on the matter, since only Democrats like Hitler and Bill Clinton have ever created anything that even approximates fascism. Our intrepid Human Events correspondent, Katie O'Malley, astutely refutes all "Ms" Wolf's talking points, and I feel compelled, in the defense of Freedom, to bolster her arguments further. Prepare to have your blood boil!
1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy: Gosh, where to start! We have George Bush, Karl Rove, global warming, Christians and anyone with an R on their voter registration card. Moveon.org and company exist by invoking these scary, scary boogeymen. Entire political careers depend on vilifying these “enemies”. Would Al Gore even be seen in public anymore if not for the external enemy of global warming?
Personally, I've lost count of the many countries Al Gore & MoveOn.org have advocated we invade on account of their wasteful recycling programs. But I bet it's a lot. And as we see, the Left's prison camps are full of Christians who've been rendered to "black sites" operated by hostile foreign entities like UCLA and Columbia University:
2. Create a gulag: ... The gulags of the left? Visit any college campus in America, with few exceptions, and you will find out what happens to those who fail to fall in line with Ivory Tower liberal think. And the food? Yikes.
Take my word for it, it's even worse in America's beauty schools, where radical Marxists "deconstruct" the Judeo-Christian foundations of hairdressing upon which Western Civilization was founded as a sacrifice to their false god, Multiculturalism. Anyone who dares to question their PC orthodoxy is quickly labelled a troublemaker and drummed out. I'm only grateful to have made it out still alive. Oh, and the only place to go to lunch in a quarter-mile radius was Sizzler.
3. Develop a thug caste. This one is too easy and thus I will go for brevity. Hollywood and the mainstream media. No need to say more.
Indeed, what's left to say? The refusal of Hollywood celebrities to endorse conservative causes remains one of the greatest human rights abuses witnessed in the modern day, but Amnesty International won't breathe a word about it because they're staffed by tonton macoutes like Rosie O'Donnell and Sean Penn... who, if my sources have it right, are the same people who drove around at night stealing Stanley Kurtz's Bush/Cheney yard signs.
7. Target key individuals: Is anyone struggling with the left’s use of this one? If you are, you need to be more rehabilitative care than I can muster. Rush Limbaugh, George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Trent Lott, Alberto Gonzales, Clarence Thomas, the list is too ridiculously long to continue.
Martyrs, every last one -- Christ on His cross should have known this sort of Agony. Future generations of Christians will look upon the Persecution they suffered by The Left and ask, "Where were the Christians? Why did no one come to their aid when liberal bloggers held their constant misstatements to the factual record and found them lacking?" If I haven't been beheaded by Sheryl Crow, I'll explain how we all lived through the darkest period known to mankind and were in mortal danger even by uttering a single word in their defense, lest liberal trolls do the same to us:
4. Set up an internal surveillance system: I suppose Naomi is so used to being in the protected liberal enclaves of the media and academia she is unaware of how the left uses the internet to survey and disrupt conservative content and communication ... Liberal trolls routinely scan the vast free speech platform that is the internet, looking for ways to hamper, shut down or disrupt conservative thought.
Christians, I could go on, but the writing is clearly on the wall: Unless President Bush can fortify Our Nation against the further predations of The Left, Al Gore is going imprison Rush Limbaugh in a 4-year university. Please prevent this nightmarish scenario from coming true by helping Our President turn America into the police state the Founding Fathers envisioned. Praise Him!

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