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Monday, April 09, 2007

Further Stations of the Cross

Apparently I was too focused on my own Persecution here at the Beauty Palace to see that The Left has subjected America's Christians to Nero-like onslaughts of religious oppression this Easter season. Question the veracity of The Bible? Check! Sell Darwinism from the cover of Newsweek? Check! Craft Our Savior's dingus out of creamy milk chocolate? Check! It is only through His Heavenly Grace that Faith in America was able to survive these dark times. Before we put these memories away and gear up for the War On Christmas (I'm expecting the opening salvo any day now), Prayer Warriors World Net Daily give us the chance to luxuriate in one final insult. Stillwater NewsPress, perhaps the most tireless piston in MSM's relentless motor, has declared jihad against the people of Oklahoma by running a story about local Muslim outreach efforts -- and on Easter Sunday!
Easter – the most joyous and important holiday in the Christian calendar.

But there was no mention of it on the front page of an Oklahoma newspaper in a town served by more than 70 churches.

Instead, page 1 of the Stillwater NewsPress was dominated yesterday by a story about efforts to battle anti-Islam bigotry by the Muslim Student Association of Oklahoma State University.

"You wouldn't have known it was Easter at all according to the paper if it wasn't for the full page Hobby Lobby ad situated toward the back of the paper," one unhappy reader told WND.
Dear steadfast Hobby Lobby, you stand alone in safeguarding the people of Stillwater, Oklahoma, from the marauding hordes of Islezbofascism. May the victory wreaths we lay in remembrance upon the graves of our brave culture warriors be adorned with your realistic wax fruit. Wolverines!

Even though it exceeds my due diligence as a conservative blogger, I read the offending article with equal parts terror and rage. It spouts off plenty of the usual liberal pabulum on their beloved "religion" "of" "peace," but conveniently omits any references to the violent threats habitually made against Our Nation at terrorist websites like DemocraticUnderground.com or CNN (no links - you can find those cesspools on your own). This is propaganda of the most pernicious sort, and it makes me question whether or not our Founding Fathers had dreck like this in mind when they wrote the First Amendment. On Easter Sunday, Oklahoma's newspapers should be filled with Inspirational stories about how Jesus rose from the dead to sign the Declaration of Independence, not Al Qaeda talking points. After all, they've suffered enough at the hands of Muslims. Praise Him!

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