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Monday, April 02, 2007

RINO no more

Beneath this speedo dangle the stones of a Patriot!

Arnold Schwarzenegger's loyalty to Our Nation has long been suspect, but I am pleased to see that he seems to have embraced at least one of Our President's finer strategies for bold and resolute leadership: cronyism.
A string of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's appointees to state boards are facing complaints that they are unqualified, beholden to the industries they oversee or otherwise mired in conflicts of interest.

Schwarzenegger has installed longtime friends and political associates on several boards, giving rise to criticism that he is practicing cronyism while failing to adequately vet people who oversee billions of dollars' worth of economic activity and other public matters.
It's an impressive step towards restoring his conservative bona fides, but divorcing that Kennedy wench would probably go a long ways, too. Praise Him!


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