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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Burning Airlines give you so much more

Among its many other shameful accomplishments, Scandinavia will be forever known as the birthplace of transexualism, the killing fields of Traditional Values, and the place where snowblindingly-white Virtue is under constant assault by Muslims. We can now add one more item to that disgraceful resume, as the regional airline SAS has decided to acquiesce to the demands of the eco-terrorists:
Scandinavian airline group SAS AB introduced a voluntary greenhouse charge on Wednesday for passengers who want to offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by their flights.

The plan, which follows a similar initiative by British Airways in 2005, lets SAS passengers give money to environmental projects that have helped reduce the release of greenhouse gases, the company said. The money will be funneled through The CarbonNeutral Co., which specializes in helping companies offset carbon dioxide emissions. ...

SAS Chief Executive Mats Jansson said the program was “part of the SAS Group’s environmental strategy and is a suitable complement to the primary mechanisms in the Kyoto Protocol” on climate change.

The European Union decided in September that airlines that fly within the bloc will have to trade pollution allowances beginning in 2011.
First they gave us 9/11, now we're getting this... what does The Left have against the airline industry, anyways? This is wrong on so many levels that I hardly know where to begin. First of all, it doesn't even pretend to address the real cause of global warming, which is Al Gore. It's clearly another conspiracy hatched in the mind of One World Government, only in this one, jack-booted thugs goose-step down the center aisle while serving us peanuts and drinks. It also sends the troubling message that societal problems can be addressed by legislation, rather than being fixed by a self-correcting market. Well, I'm not having any. Carbon offsets are just another way to quantify the unpaid costs of fossil fuels, thereby upending Western Civilization. The sooner we realize that, the less likely we'll end up carpooling in a Prius with a Muslim and a transexual. Praise Him!

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