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Friday, March 09, 2007

Freedom's mighty wang

I've been reading the flurry of moonbat postings about that great American Hero, Cpl. Matt Sanchez, and bemusedly asking myself, "Why is this a story?" For The Left to try to turn the total non-event of a former gay porn star & escort being fĂȘted by the luminaries of Conservative America shows either a willful ignorance of the importance of man-whoring to Conservatism, a deep-seated hatred of Freedom , or the most likely answer -- both.

Cpl. Sanchez was invited to CPAC to receive the Jeane Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award, the highest accolade given out to that one lucky former gay porn actor or escort who scores the most face time on right wing cable news shows. Mrs. Kirkpatrick was a tireless enthusiast of gay porn, and this award upholds the fine tradition with which we have come to associate with that remarkable lady. There is even widespread speculation that next year's honoree will be one of Mrs. Kirkpatrick's personal favorites, the late Joey Stefano, whose posthumous embrace of conservative ideals was induced, much like Cpl. Sanchez's, by the modern-day Cerberus of liberalism, pornography, and radical homosexual activism. To imply that Cpl. Sanchez would not have been the recipient of such a prestigious honor had CPAC been aware of his background shows how out of touch with reality The Left truly is.

Liberal bloggers are trying to make much hay out of the supposed disparity between the treatment Cpl. Sanchez received (and continues to receive) and the CPAC party line when it comes to dealing with those morally repulsive creatures, homos, to which I respond: There is no there there. Some of Red America's truest patriots have either been gay escorts or patrons of their services. Who's to say that Abe Lincoln, the one Republican liberals don't uniformly despise, didn't pose for a few erotically-themed daguerrotypes or do a little outcall to help make rent during those lean Log Cabin days himself? As this entire sham of a scandal shows, "Homophobia" is just a buzzword liberals like to throw out when when they see they've been trounced, and I for one refuse to buy into their propaganda. Praise Him!

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