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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Satan's enormous endowment

Conservative students at UCLA are subjected to a rash of inequalities, perhaps the worst of which is the lack of any sort of cosmetology program in which a Christian can learn the spiritually correct way to practice her Faith. Despite my constant entreaties for the fairness and evenhandedness supposedly guaranteed by state and federal law, their academic affairs department continues to dismiss me with the blatantly anti-Christian rhetoric of The Academic Left: "Dear Potential Applicant: Thank you for your interest in UCLA. Please know that California's higher education system allows for the pursuit of many interests at the community, Cal State, and UC levels." Or as they say at Pandagon: "Suxx on it, Godbag. Hillary Rulezzz!!!!" Meanwhile, the brainwashing of Our Nation's children into hating America through academically questionable "disciplines" like English and Chemistry continues unimpeded. I thought UCLA's academic reputation couldn't sink any lower, but then I read the following over at my Prayer Warriors, OneNewsNow:
A conservative author and alumnus of the University of California in Los Angeles says he's not surprised his alma mater will soon be home to America's first endowed academic chair in sexual orientation law. UCLA's law school has accepted a donation of more than $1 million from a homosexual couple to help fund the research of an endowed professorship in a field of study probing the legal aspects and implications of sexual orientation.
Oh, the horror: UCLA will now be pumping out hundreds of radical homosexual trial lawyers, like a phalanx of John Edwards(es?), only with prettier hair. And by the sound of it, they're even more committed to creating an apartheid-like system in which the nancies obey whichever laws they feel like, while us Christians get the shaft. Two Americas indeed:
That is why "it's not a real shocker" that UCLA is looking to establish a chair in sexual orientation law, [the Virgin Ben] Shapiro continues. "The most shocking part of the story," he says, "is that it was sponsored by this gay couple who have explicitly said that what they're looking for is for a chair who will foster certain attitudes toward sexual orientation law."

Shapiro says the people who are pushing sexual orientation law as a separate branch of law believe homosexual "marriage" and adoption should be legal across the board and that homosexuality is not morally inferior to heterosexuality. He believes the sponsors of the new academic chair at the UCLA School of Law are hoping the endowment will help promote these and other pro-homosexual ideas in the realm of American law.
The fact that two florists could amass enough wealth to fund an Abomination of this sort shows how truly broken the system is. And by the sound of it, it's going to get a thousand times worse. Praise Him!

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