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Monday, February 12, 2007

Soldiers of misfortune

Another soldier the Clintons forced into prostitution?

The Clinton presidency's legacy of failure runs long and deep. In fact, only the most deeply partisan can look at the problems that have plagued the present administration (Iraq, Katrina, l'affaire Plame) and not see a snail trail going all the way back to Slick Willie. The latest casualty of his arrogance and disregard for the rule of law is The Left's former(?) brothers-in-arms, the Red Army, who have learned the hard way what Don't Ask Don't Tell really means:
A recruit serving in the Russian Interior Ministry’s signals corps in central St. Petersburg has sent a letter to the Soldiers’ Mothers human rights group claiming that he and dozens of his fellow soldiers are being forced into prostitution by older recruits.

“Instead of having a well-earned rest, young recruits are ordered up by phone and delivered nightly to their top-ranking clients — including army generals,” said Ella Polyakova, head of the St. Petersburg arm of Soldiers’ Mothers.
And this man's wife wants to be president? Outrageous! Who's to say that HillaryCare won't ultimately turn our clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes into a nationwide chain of upscale bordellos? After all, if The Left hates the troops enough to do this, they're willing to do anything. Praise Him!

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