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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Majoring in sodomy

Do you want to know why most Americans know the astrological signs of the Village People, but still don't have the faintest clue that the Constitution was based on the Ten Commandments? Because radical homosexual activists like those at University of Colorado want it so:
A self-proclaimed conservative group targeting college liberalism is assailing a University of Colorado course that examines gay and lesbian literature.

The Young America's Foundation, based outside Washington, DC, gives the CU course "Introduction to Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay Literature," a "dishonorable mention" in a study titled "The Dirty Dozen: America's Most Bizarre and Politically Correct College Courses." ...

Foundation spokesman Jason Mattera said the courses edge out traditional scholarship and waste money and time. A recent poll, he said, finds Americans are more likely to identify the characters on the television cartoon The Simpsons than rights included in the First Amendment.

"There are a lot of soft courses," Mattera said. "Classes in American history go by the wayside."
The Left, with their usual cynicism, will dismiss this story as cheaply manufactured Outrage pulled out of the freezer on a slow news weekend. But my hunch is that MSM, having tried to suppress this important story since December of last year, senses that public anger is ready to boil over on the topic, and is scrambling to make it look as if they've been on the side of Taste and Decency all along. Don't buy it for a second!

What's especially appalling is the rankness of the filth they're using to poison Our Children's minds:
The CU course on the Foundation's hit list includes poetry by Walt Whitman, who some say was gay, as well as works of novelist Virginia Woolf, who had an affair with a woman. The syllabus also includes films such as the gay cowboy tale "Brokeback Mountain."
Walt Whitman, you'll recall, is what Bill & Monica used to read between sessions of pleasuring one another in the manner Satan intended. Brokeback Mountain unleashed an influenza-like epidemic of gayness that's permanently hobbled the Republican Party. I'm not sure what perverted appeal Virginia Woolf has, but I imagine her books are filled with loads of women's tennis players whooping it up on the Western frontier.

Sadly, turning your son or daughter into into a militant homosexual who robotically votes Democratic is less about committing perverted acts than about demonstrating their political control:
On its Web site, the Foundation says, "The nation's campuses continue to be staffed and controlled by leftist radicals who seek a monopoly on what is said and thought."
This became quite clear to me as I was being unceremoniously drummed out of the lavender-covered walls of beauty school. Christians, so many lives have been ruined by these sorts of classes. I'm grateful that I made it out with my heterosexuality intact, but others may not be so lucky. Praise Him!

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