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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

RoP Watch

Something The Left will never tell you about their beloved Religion of Peace is not only are all Muslims violent, but even portraying one on television is enough to turn an actor into a homicidal maniac (my emphasis):
An actor who played a prisoner on HBO's "Oz" series may well be on his way to the real slammer.

Granville Adams, 43, was arrested late Saturday on criminally negligent homicide charges after a dispute at a posh New York nightclub sent another man plummeting down an elevator shaft. ...

Adams played Zahir Arif, "Prisoner 97A622." He also portrayed a police officer in 11 episodes of NBC's "Homicide: Life on the Street."
As you can imagine, his career is on the skids, and future roles will probably be limited to minor speaking parts in beheading videos:
Celebrity-watchers say after Saturday's incident, his next role may be harder to come by.

"Once a celebrity is clearly actively involved in any type of assault, he or she can expect their career to suffer, unless of course they prove to have been acting in self defense," said Us Weekly style editor and ABC News contributor Katrina Szish.

"I can't imagine that Adams has a career left, as this clearly has not been described as an accident," Szish said. "Although the elevator doors opening was an unfortunate surprise, the fact remains that Adams was involved in a barroom brawl, which is never a boon to a celebrity's career."
The article goes on to compare Adams with the singer Brandy, who not only never played a Muslim (as far as I know), but recently killed one in an auto accident:
Another incident involving a celebrity and a fatality occurred just last week. Singer-actress Brandy Norwood was involved in a four-car freeway crash that killed a woman. The star of "Moesha" has been sued for $50 million by the family.

But unlike Adams, Szish says Brandy's career will not be hurt by the tragedy.

"This is far different," she said. "She was involved in a fatal car crash, but there was no report or evidence of malice. It was clearly a sad, unfortunate accident that should not reflect negatively on Brandy."
Who knows, it might even give her career a boost... or she may even become First Lady! Praise Him!


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