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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Left: Spinning lies, as usual

Perhaps the last moral bulwark separating Our Nation's Virtue from the ravages of those murderous Islezbofascist terrorists is the prohibition against growing Mary Jane's deadliest cousin, industrial hemp. The drug-enthusiast wing of the Democratic Party (approximately 85% of them!) points to its high nutritional value and myriad other applications as rationale for legalizing it. So convincing is their propaganda that they've even managed to ensnare a Republican, legislator David Monson, in their web of satanic trickery:
State legislator David Monson began pushing the idea of growing industrial hemp in the United States a decade ago. Now his goal may be within reach _ but first he needs to be fingerprinted.

Monson turned in an application Monday to the state Agriculture Department to become the nation's first licensed industrial hemp farmer. State Agriculture Commissioner Roger Johnson said Monson provided fingerprints with his application, which will be used for a background check to prove he is not a criminal. ...

Last month, the state Agriculture Department finished its work on rules farmers may use to grow industrial hemp, a cousin of marijuana that does not have the drug's hallucinogenic properties. The sturdy, fibrous plant is used to make an assortment of products, ranging from paper, rope and lotions to car panels, carpet backing and animal bedding.
What The Left wants you to ignore is that hemp is a gateway fiber, one that quickly seduces America's youth into a sordid life of textile abuse. Shortly after experimenting with hemp fibers, your child will reject his Heartland cotton/poly blends and try to recapture that initial high, leading him into heavier and heavier materials like jute, linen, cashmere, and flax, until finally he's using -- God help us -- raffia. Unless America wakes up to the this silent killer waiting at Our Nation's borders, there's no telling how many macrame crafts we'll be forced to endure. Praise Him!


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