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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hu-go, girl!

I've long wondered if The Left's amazing ability to completely miss the point about Everything was the result of the willful obfuscation of facts, or merely some congenital birth defect that keeps them from being able to see the post 9/11 world clearly. The latest example of this cluelessness comes via Whore of Heresy Glenn Greenwald, who spins the reelection of Hugo Chavez as some sort repudiation of Our President's Glorious foreign policy:
There are obviously other issues that account for the support which the Venezuelan poor give to Chavez, but people whose foreign policy vision consists of alienating our allies, changing other countries' governments at will, and invading whomever we want shouldn't really be that surprised when anti-American sentiment is a potent electoral tool.
Silly rabbit. Were he not so blinded by his irrational Bush hatred, or perhaps if he tried to love America for a change, Greenwald would recognize that the biggest winner in the Venezuelan elections was conservatism! It isn't that the people of Venezuela actually support financing social services for the poor and rejecting imperialism 61% to 38%, it's that they so believe in the upward redistribution of wealth and the justness of the GWOT that they were reluctant to vote for candidates who they were uncertain shared the depths of their convictions. Just don't expect MSM to tell you that. Praise Him!


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