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Thursday, November 16, 2006

What the f***?

While naturally I am offended by hearing vulgar language, I find that I am more offended by not hearing it. Fortunately for me, my Prayer Warriors at Agape Press share my tender sensibilities and highlight the grave moral danger that comes from The Left's Satanic practice of bleeping out profanity in commercials:
Recent television advertising that used "bleeped" profanity as to grab attention and shock viewers is being compared to the Bible's warning concerning seduction and deception getting worse and worse. ...

It is unlikely that Bill Johnson, president of the American Decency Association (ADA), would agree with these companies' rationale behind the commercials. Besides pushing the legal and ethical limits, Johnson believes the advertising approach is designed to desensitize the general population.

"This degradation, this desensitization leads to an accommodation and causes an erosion of our ability to recognize the difference between what is pleasing to God and what is not pleasing," says Johnson.

That is why, warns the ADA leader, it is important that Christians strengthen themselves daily through spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, and time with God. "Our nature is being changed and so, therefore, when we are exposed to innuendo and subtleties and deception and seduction, we want to have nothing to do with it," he explains.
And what depraved acts are these corporations trying to deceive and seduce Americans into performing through these lasciviously edited 30-second siren songs? They're more than happy to answer that question for themselves:
In a Dodge commercial for its Caliber model, for example, a Muppet-like character shares that the car "scares the [bleep] out of me." An official with Dodge tells USA Today the marketing ploy for its "Anything But Cute" car is an attempt to "straddle good taste and getting attention." He then adds: "We think we've straddled it quite well."
God help us! Sister Nancy Beth straddled many things before receiving Christ , and always in the commission of some thoroughly unwholesome deed. If America doesn't wake up and demand unexpurgated profanity in their commercials, then there's no telling to what depths Our Nation's Virtue will sink. Praise Him!


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