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Monday, October 23, 2006

Lessons in survival

I never thought the day would come when I would say that I wish Conchita would come back early from her vacation, but it is suddenly here. In her absence, the stylists here at the Beauty Palace have staged a coup. Imagine Lord of the Flies as directed by Mel Gibson and you've got a sense of the savagery I have had to contend with.

They are trying to boost business by cutting their rates 50% for appointments scheduled during the lunch rush, 11 to 2. They call this little campaign "Operation Cut & Run." Hee-larious, guys, and twice as seditious as its working title, "Operation Hey-I-Know-What-Would-Really-Piss-Off-Nancy-Beth." The result for me has been twice the appointments to book, twice the cancelations to note, and twice the walk-ins to accomodate. Another side effect of of this assault on Freedom is that it keeps me from blogging while at work, an affront to the memories of the victims of 9/11 if ever there was one.

It astounds me that the toxic legacy of the Clinton Presidency can even poison political discourse in the Beauty Palace in the year 2006, but this squid's tentacles (North Korea, Iraq, the Foley campaign) run very long. It makes me wonder where else The Left's incivility may come from, and Prayer Warriors Agape Press shed some light on one fertile breeding ground, Academia:
John Zmirak says he wrote All American Colleges, in part, to encourage students and parents to seek a traditional liberal arts education rather than specializing in many newer academic fields like "Women's Studies." He believes typical programs in this discipline and others like it are often characterized by vehement opposition to traditional beliefs and faith-based pro-family values.

Many times in such courses, "the norm of heterosexuality, of sacramental marriage, of parents raising children in an integral family -- that is held up as purely an institution of oppression," the college guide author notes. And what students are taught, he observes, is that "it's your duty as a scholar and an activist to help subvert the patriarchal family and to help subvert any religious traditions that reinforce the patriarchal family."
That fits my beauty school experience to a tee! When I asked on the first day of class in Intro to Frosting if we could deny our services to people we perceived as homosexuals, I got the old liberal dodge of "Please see me after class." T'Raycie decided that letting her rigid leftist doctrine go unchallenged was more important to our education than the Socratic method, so by the second week she had restricted my questions to points within the textbook. The result was one increasingly pro-Sodomy lecture after another, with me absolutely powerless to rebut the anti-Christian assertions that make up the bulk of today's contemporary hair coloring theory. That Traditional Values are so unwelcome in the Ivory Tower comes as no surprise now, but as a fresh-faced Christian, it was a painful realization to have. Rather than discouraging me, though, like The Left probably thinks, days like today only inspire me to blog against the Clintons more vociferously. Praise Him!


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