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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Checking in...

I'm sorry to report that Conchita's aggressive campaign of Christian Persecution continues unabated, gentle readers. Perhaps the most brutal tactic she employs is keeping me hopping from the moment I get in until it's time for me to go, allowing for nary a moment of Freedom-Loving with my beloved Prayer Warriors. If the pro-terrorist Left had anything like principles or consistency, they'd stop mewling over waterboarding and recognize this for the torture that it truly is. I guess this is my roundabout way of saying to expect light posting to last here until Thursday. After that, Conchita and her slutty friend the legal secretary are going to Veracruz to chase the possibility of fornicating with low-rent cabana boys, assuming she's not on the no-fly list on account of what she does to me here.

What I really need in times like these is the sweet balm of Outrage, which comes to me in spades via Prayer Warriors RenewAmerica. Nathan Tabor blows the whistle on The Left's latest attempt to recruit the animal kingdom into the Homosexual Lifestyle, via a "science" exhibition in the formerly Christian nation of Norway:
In one exhibit, two stuffed female swans are depicted on a nest — a clear effort to promote the "Heather Has Two Mommies" school of thought. Meanwhile, a photograph shows a male giraffe mounting another giraffe — supposedly in expectation of sex.
How typical of The Left to turn something as wholesome as one male giraffe trying to penetrate another into something vile and tawdry like homosexuality. It reminds me of how they parlayed some innocent paternal advice about penis measuring into a scandal that may erase decades of Republican electoral advances. Do you really trust these people with Our Nation?

Nathan also demonstrates the finely meshed dialectics we've come to expect from those home-schooled in the sciences of Intelligent Design and Sex Respect:
But perhaps the real reason for the disinterest is because it doesn't pass the laugh test. If homosexuality were truly strong in the animal kingdom, there would be no animals left, since they would be unable and unwilling to reproduce. As the Reuters report points out, homosexuality would seem to be a genetic dead-end.
I've long suspected that America's endangered species are hardly the Victims of pollution and overdevelopment that The Left likes to portray them as. Rather, they are merely experiencing the destructive and entirely foreseeable results of their newly-adopted Sinful lifestyle. The Bible is pretty clear on this: When animals engage in the Black Art of homosexuality, the Laws of God demand that their habitat be razed for upscale tract housing. Praise Him!


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