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Friday, October 13, 2006

Days of whine & roses

Christians, I am not one to blog about problems at work, but your Sister Nancy Beth has been wearing a methaphorical Crown of Thorns this entire week over at Conchita's Unisex Beauty Palace. Evidently The Left's string of recent victories like North Korea's nukes and declining GOP poll numbers has emboldened Conchita, because she has been riding me like a Horseman of the Apocalypse by giving me one pointless and degrading task after the next.

I'll spare you the full Stations of the Cross, but no sooner do I sit back down at my desk after three full days of sorting bobby pins & rollers, wiping down and straightening curling iron cords, and inventorying five years worth of unsold merchandise that will never be touched by human hands again, when Conchita walks over to my desk and asks me, "Did you check the expiration dates on the neutralizer?"

Well, maybe if you had *told* me to, you fat liberal bitch... "Of course."

"What did you do with the expired stuff?" So that was today. I barely had any time at work to catch up with my Prayer Warriors, let alone blog. It's days like this that remind me of how much Persecution we Christians have to endure on account of our Faith.

Anyways, on to today's Outrage. Like most Americans, I've been horrified at how the disastrous policies of the Clinton Administration have led to a rash of shootings in America's schools. Nothing, however, could prepare me for the shock I experienced when I read about this appalling act of hair-based terrorism deep in America's Heartland:
Two teenagers are accusing each other of assaulting each other by haircut. An 18-year-old Des Moines East High School student told police Wednesday that another teenager came up behind her with a pair of scissors and began cutting her hair.

The student claimed that when she tried to get the scissors away from her attacker she was cut on her hand and face.

Officers then interviewed the female suspect, also an 18-year-old. She claimed it was the other student who picked up the scissors and began furiously cutting her hair. The suspect was missing "a large quadrant of hair from the front of her head," according to a police report.
You make them learn about Evolution and homosexuality and geometry and something like this is bound to happen. If children were forced to study the Ten Commandments and personal grooming from a Christian point of view, this sort of thing would only happen in the sickened minds of perverts like Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs, instead of the horrible reality it is today. Is this a sign of things to come? Can we look forward to a future filled with roving gangs of thug hairdressers? Because that's not too far a step, and quite frankly, I think they've been planning this all along. Praise Him!


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