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Monday, October 09, 2006

Power Poutage

So here I sit, looking for something to inflame my sense of Outrage, and off I go to a surefire winner: CBS News. Wouldn't you know it, but on the front page they're plugging their latest "opinion" poll:
An overwhelming majority of Americans think House Republican leaders put their own political interests ahead of the safety of congressional pages in their handling of the Mark Foley scandal, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll.

Seventy-nine percent of those polled — including 61 percent of Republicans — say GOP leaders were more concerned with politics than the well-being of the teenage pages.

Sixty-two percent think the Republican leadership was aware of the sexually explicit e-mails sent by former Rep. Foley before the public learned about them in late September — a charge many top Republicans deny. Two-thirds of Americans say GOP leaders did not take the matter seriously enough when they first learned about it.
Good Lord! What in the hell does public opinion have to do with anything when we're talking about the death throes of Democracy? This is just another desperate attempt by Liberal Media to wring out one more drop of anti-Republican propaganda from this total nonaffair. To do otherwise would force them to talk about the North Korean nukes and how they were brought to us by the many failings of the Clintons... and yes, I do mean Clintons plural: Bill, Hillary, *AND* Chelsea. It's just sad America has to pay the price on account of MSM's bizarre obsessions and prurient interests. Praise Him!


  • At October 11, 2006 10:57 AM, Blogger Gerald Fnord said…

    But of course, we all know that Bill Clinton's penis caused the North Korean nukes test. He is also to blame for 9/11, the Foley Scandal, the Iraq War, and everything else bad that has happened for the past decade and a half. The fact that so much of the public has been brainwashed by the Liberal Media into believing that the party that has controlled all three branches of government for the past six years is somehow responsible for its actions during that time, just proves how much the public hates America and Freedom.


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