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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Popper Valley PTA

Even though they bemoan the supposed inhumane treatment of enemy combatants, The Left is guilty of both physical violence and psychological torture in their quest to annihilate Christian Values in America. Sadly, it was only a matter of time before they embraced even more extreme terrorist tactics to advance their radical Islezbofascist agenda:
Gay-activist group Family Pride has produced a pamphlet to guide homosexual parents in introducing themselves to their children's schools.

"Building Family Equality in the Classroom" suggests parents attend the first PTA meeting together and introduce themselves as a couple.

Barbara McPherson, legislative affairs coordinator for the California Family Council, told Family News in Focus such activism doesn't belong in school.

"It's a crossing of the line almost between information that helps people understand tolerance within their community versus an indoctrination," she said, "trying to get other people's children to think that same-sex partners are normal."
Oh, the humanity. It's one thing to engage in the sinful Homosexual Lifestyle in the privacy of one's home, since I can easily tolerate it if I don't actually ever have to encounter it. Flaunting it in public, however, is like releasing an especially virulent toxin into the school's HVAC system: How long before these newly recruited same-sex jihadis have hijacked the school bake sale with their lurid, anti-American concoctions like biscottis and ├ęclairs? What will you do when your child asks, "Mom, why don't you ever make brioche? And why doesn't dad ever wear your clothing?" And you thought chicken pox was bad.

When homosexual couples infiltrate the PTA, the first order of school business is invariably sodomy. Remember: The best way to promote tolerance in our schools is by keeping homosexuality deeply in the closet. Praise Him!


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