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Monday, September 11, 2006

The windmills of Osama's mind

As much as I would have liked to have honored the fifth anniversary of the Day that Changed Everything with the Solemnity it deserves, I am afraid I must raise my voice in alarm. One of the easily foreseeable consequences of The Left's relentless pessimism towards Iraq has been the infiltration of their peackekeeping forces by Shiite militia members. This has resulted in the untidy breaking of many eggs in the quest for President Bush's delicious Freedom Fritata, a disgraceful state of affairs that makes me wonder how Hillary, Nancy, et al., can stand to look at themselves in the mirror. And as if that weren't bad enough, even America's armed forces aren't immune to this jihadi contagion:
Memo to Pentagon brass from the top United States commander in western Iraq: Renewable energy — solar and wind-power generators — urgently needed to help win the fight. Send soon.

Calling for more energy in the middle of oil-rich Iraq might sound odd to some. But not to Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Richard Zilmer, whose deputies on July 25 sent the Pentagon a "Priority 1" request for "a self-sustainable energy solution" including "solar panels and wind turbines."

The memo may be the first time a frontline commander has called for renewable-energy backup in battle. Indeed, it underscores the urgency: Without renewable power, U.S. forces "will remain unnecessarily exposed" and will "continue to accrue preventable ... serious and grave casualties," the memo says.
"General" Zilmer may as well have spat in the face of Barbara Bush, Sr. Cheap and plentiful gas is our American birthright, and I am utterly dismayed to see that Al Qaeda has been able to seed even the upper echelons of the American military with their nefarious agents. If there's ever been any time to question whether Freedom will prevail in Iraq, this is truly that moment.

As my Prayer Warriors can tell you, "renewable energy" is little more than a buzzword used by kooky environmentalists and their many allies (radical homosexual activists, militant jihadis, Communist appeaseniks, and the acolytes of Noam Chomsky) for brainwashing our children into hating Capitalism and tilling American soil for its ultimate conquest by the forces of radical Islam. If renewable energy is allowed to take hold in Iraq, clearly the terrorists have won. Praise Him!


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