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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

NOLA to God: "Hit us again."

My, how quickly The Left forgets. Not having learned last year that the wages of sin is death, the residents of New Orleans are once again defying Our Heavenly Father and risking His wrath by marring an otherwise tasteful and decorous Christian event with the Party Line of Death:
In New Orleans, Muslims, Buddhists, and even a secular humanist who denies the existence of God were all invited to participate in yesterday's interfaith Katrina memorial prayer service. But the crowd also heard from Rev. John Raphael of New Hope Baptist Church, who said Hurricane Katrina showed people how vulnerable they are without God's protection. "Though some would have the words removed from the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, Katrina taught us that we are indeed still under God," he stated. Reports Associated Press, the pastor went on to say that "if we fail to learn the lessons of Katrina, we may find ourselves facing a makeup exam called Ernesto." Raphael was preceded at the podium by secular humanist leader Harry Greenberger, who said he was only allowed to speak at the service after threatening to sue the city. The two-hour service also included a Muslim prayer and a Buddhist chant.
When I think of all the taxpayers' money we've wasted trying to help rehabilitate this moral cesspool when it could have been put to much better uses (like shuttling Our President to his fundraisers), I can't help but think that God is winding up His pitching arm for another round of bean ball. Praise Him!

UPDATE: Nevermind.


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