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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beslan on the Pacific

Continuing on yesterday's theme of the Unholy joinder of The Left's nefarious agents, I would like to point out the latest Demonic coupling: Hollywood and public schools, committed to the core to turning your innocent Christian teen into a potty-mouthed harlot. Prayer Warriors Agape Press presents us with the sad tale of their most recent Victim:
According to Pastor Brian Lewis and his wife Tara, Animo Venice Charter Public High School, a school serving the city of Venice, California, and the Los Angeles Westside, violated their parental rights when school officials failed to inform the parents that the school would be showing his daughter Alexis and fellow students the R-rated movie, Donnie Darko. ...

"My daughter likes to write. She generally writes poems and things of that sort," Tara explains. "And right after she saw the movie, I started seeing poems with profanity, sexual content -- things that I have never seen her write before, never even found in some of her poems," the distraught mother says. She has no doubt Donny Darko was the source of this new and disturbing bent in her daughter's writing, she says, "because this movie was pretty graphic."

Brian Lewis is likewise convinced that his daughter's mind was invaded by the film's explicit content; he even goes so far as to say that Animo Venice High School officials are responsible for the "emotional kidnapping and psychological rape" of his daughter's "Christian innocence," which is why he says he and his wife plan to sue the school for showing Donnie Darko to their daughter without giving them prior notice.
For arguments' sake, I'll assume that her Christian Innocence wasn't clad inappropriately or otherwise asking to be psychologically raped in such a vicious manner, and officially declare this The Worst Thing That Could Befall A Christian Family. If they were going to show movies in school, it should stick to non-violent and wholesome conservative fare, like The Passion of the Christ, or Team America: World Police.

What's important to keep in mind is that it wasn't just Mr. & Mrs. Lewis' child who was subjected to this filth. Donnie Darko and his NEA-backed enablers may have improperly fondled the Christian Innocence of hundreds of children, resulting in an epidemic of bad teen-age writing from which Our Nation may never recover. There is, of course, only one course of corrective action to such a gross injustice:
"We would love to launch a class-action suit," Brian says, "because it was shown to approximately 148 fifteen-year-olds. And the thing is that they violated the law when they showed it without parental consent. You know, these movies are restricted for a reason, and these guidelines are put there for a reason. You can't just show anything to a teenager."
As someone whose Christian Innocence was brutalized and raped, sodomized as bad as you can possibly make it, and is impregnated* just from reading about this heinous act, I think I would qualify as a plaintiff -- in fact, I've already spent my share of the settlement over at Forced Exposure, in an attempt to reclaim my lost Christian Virtue through some shopping therapy. Send those checks & prayers to Sister Nancy Beth, West Hollywood, USA. Praise Him!


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