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Friday, August 04, 2006

The silver screen... of treason!

With Hamas and Hezbollah taking their battering rams against the pillars of Freedom, it was merely a matter of time before Hollywood took their cue and launched a stateside assault. Much like their spiritual allies in the Middle East, they've adopted a two-pronged strategy. The first one comes to our attention via Prayer Warriors Renew America:
Unfortunately, Mel Gibson provided the Hollywood elite the hammer and nails they needed to crucify him. His extremely foolish misconduct was just what his enemies were looking for. Now, they are attacking him with a vengeance! In fact, he has been castigated by almost everyone in the industry.

For example, according to press reports, ABC has already announced the cancellation of a planned miniseries about the Holocaust it was developing with Gibson's Icon Productions.

In addition, Michael Levine, an agent who has represented super-stars such as Michael Jackson and Charlton Heston, said, "It's a nuclear disaster for him [Gibson]. I don't see how he can restore himself." Throughout the industry, the sentiment is the same: "Gibson has committed vocational suicide and is dead in the water. It's all over for him."

Yet, I don't remember anyone in Hollywood or in the national media saying it was "all over" for Jesse Jackson when back in 1984 he called Jews "Hymies" and referred to New York City as "Hymietown."...
The fact that Rev. Jesse Jackson to this very day enjoys such a lucrative career in show business demonstrates the depths of Hollywood elites' contempt for America and hatred for Christianity. Why studio bosses continue to greenlight his projects remains one of the least understood mysteries of the Vast Liberal Conspiracy, but you know it's only a matter of time before he's feted with an Oscar for lifetime achievement.

If that weren't bad enough, Agape Press has the latest on Hollywood's unconscionable plan for turning our innocent youth into sex-crazed teen-agers: by having people in their 30's making PG-13 comedies:
It might be interesting for young women to know that John Tucker Must Die, a film written from the girls' point of view, which gives a free pass to the young man and makes girls feel bad about wanting to get even with a guy who has been using them, was written by a man, Jeff Lowell. While his age is not revealed in his Internet Movie Database bio, his filmography indicates that he is at least in his 30s. Additionally, the film is directed by Betty Thomas, who also directed the exploitative Howard Stern's Private Parts and introduced Marcia Brady to lesbianism in The Brady Bunch Movie.
Films do not come out of thin air. They are products that are created and honed, often over years of development, shooting, and post-production. Movies are intentional, not accidental. By uncovering the people behind the curtain who are producing these films, perhaps we can begin to ask important questions like, "Why would a 30+ year-old man want to make a film that made female promiscuity seem fun, and funny, and which gives a pass to young men who abuse young women's affections?"
I'll tell you why: to turn them into either (a) man-hungry tramps, or (b) vegetarian lesbians, both of whom will be recruited into radical anarchist organizations like Code Pink or the Democratic Party and will then enslave Our Nation's men through their radical agenda of casual sex, compulsory abortion, and keeping males out of college. If Hollywood had the courage or the integrity to let 15 year old boys make movies, it's highly doubtful we'd be exposed to cultural trash of this sort. Praise Him!


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