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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The spirit is willing, but the tresses are weak

Sure, The Left howls with indignation whenever somebody throws a pig's head into a mosque, but can we expect similar displays of piety when someone debases Christianity by abusing wigs and other Glamour-enhancing accessories in the commission of a crime?
Police in the Washington region are warning bank tellers about a thief they have dubbed the "Wig Lady."

Authorities say a short, well-dressed middle-aged woman has been walking into banks in Montgomery County, Md., and the District of Columbia wearing wigs and other accessories to impersonate account holders.

She has stolen more than $200,000 from the checking accounts of at least 20 women since September, said Montgomery police Detective Brandon Mengedoht, who calls it one of the most brazen schemes he has investigated.
Here's my prediction about the hate-merchants of The Left: They'll either ignore it completely because it's too "complex" and doesn't lend itself easily to the pat Al Qaeda-Good/America-Bad narrative they've established (to which I say: you're not trying hard enough!), or they'll try to dismiss this Outrage as merely some isolated incident amongst the otherwise law-abiding & Glamour-respecting moonbat community.

Let's not kid ourselves. Liberal bloggers have been cultivating this sort of animosity towards the Christian practice of Cosmetology ever since God chose Our President in the 2000 election. This crime wave is the first fruits of the bitter harvest that the overheated rhetoric from the Left -side of the blogosphere promises to deliver. Get ready to see plenty more of this sort of disregard for law & order until Democrats finally come to their senses and enact a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Praise Him!


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