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Monday, July 10, 2006

Satan is the reason for the treason

Why is it that our elected officials are forever falling all over themselves to compromise National Security and sacrifice Christian Values in order to placate special interest groups? Conservative blog readers are acutely aware of how DC-area buses are now at risk of being trimmed with pink chiffon steering wheel covers and rainbow flag window decals now that Robert Smith has been removed from his position on the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority board. But that's nothing compared to the drubbing Christianity is taking in Virginia, which is threatening to turn into a vipers' nest of Islezbofascist radicalism on par with Afghanistan Somalia:
The Witch of Pungo is no longer a witch. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine on Monday exonerated Grace Sherwood, who 300 years ago became Virginia's only woman convicted as a witch tried by water.

"I am pleased to officially restore the good name of Grace Sherwood," Kaine wrote in a letter Virginia Beach Mayor Meyera Oberndorf read aloud before a re-enactment of Sherwood's being dropped into the river.

"With 300 years of hindsight, we all certainly can agree that trial by water is an injustice," Kaine wrote. "We also can celebrate the fact that a woman's equality is constitutionally protected today, and women have the freedom to pursue their hopes and dreams."
This is an Outrage! Don't the moonbats realize how important trial by water is in the Global War on Witchcraft? For Heaven's sake, it's been similarly reliable in the Global War on Terror. Liberals are siding with the terrorists and retroactively opening our borders up to all sorts of chemical and nuclear attacks by these actions. How many more convictions of America's sworn enemies will The Left overturn with the flimsy "Living Constitution" doctrine in order to appease America's enemies?

I wish I could say this is just some freak occurrence, but let's keep a few things in mind. Kaine is something of a rising star among the treasonous left, and as for "Ms." Sherwood... well, read between the lines:
Sherwood, a midwife who at times wore men's clothes, lived in what today is the rural Pungo neighborhood, and later became known as "The Witch of Pungo." Her neighbors thought she was a witch who ruined crops, killed livestock and conjured storms, and she went to court a dozen times, either to fight witchcraft charges or to sue her accusers for slander.

She was 46 when she was accused in her final case of using her powers to cause a neighbor to miscarry.
I've never seen such a blatant case of pandering to the cross-dressing/pro-abortion/vegeterian/global warming/trial lawyer lunatic fringe of the Democratic Party. If this "woman" were alive today, she'd be a tenured professor at some elite law school with a heavily trafficked blog. What a dark day for America it is that The Left has chosen to sink to these craven depths. Praise Him!


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