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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Voodoo mathematics

Our President should appoint Human Events Online columnist Michael Lewis as head of the Office of Management & Budget as soon as possible. In the course of bitching about the deleterious influence nancyhood has on academics, he miraculously turns water into numerical wine (my emphasis):
Instead of classifying people’s achievements according to their sleeping preferences, schoolchildren across America should be learning about America’s great heritage, along with grammar, math, and reading. If we are to continue as a great nation, American schoolchildren must be taught subjects of real value in life, not about sleeping preferences and disabilities as the thing which defines historical figures. Unfortunately, it looks as though in ten years, California students will have no idea that 11 times 10 is 121, but they’ll certainly know that the important thing is not that Ellen DeGeneres made America laugh, but that she was gay.
Something tells me that with math skills like that, Providence will once again bless Our Nation with prosperity in a matter of months. Praise Him!


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