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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The seeds of our destruction

This is Outrageous! It's getting so a Christian can't even enjoy the simple pleasures of masturbating into a cup without radical homosexual activists getting up in his face and foisting their perverted "alternative lifestyle" on him:
A sperm donor who specified that his contributions only be used to father children of heterosexual couples has unknowingly fathered children for three lesbian partnerships.

The Daily Mail reported Sunday on the abuse of sperm donors by fertility clinics who fail to honour the terms of donor contracts—the London Women’s Clinic violated the donor’s contract five times, neglecting to honour the man’s condition that same sex couples would not use his sperm. The clinic's breach of contract was found out by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

Four lesbian women attempted to conceive using his sperm—three were successful. Additionally, even after the clinic discovered the mistake, it gave one couple permission to use the sperm again in order to conceive a sibling for their first baby.
Sadly, sperm-bank robbery by marauding gangs of overly fertile lesbos is only one strand of lawlessness occurring at your local* fertility clinic. Never forget that millions of America's tiniest political prisoners are imprisoned in those gulags masquerading as Frigidaires, and the homicidal Alzheimer's lobby is forever calling for their defrosting. Save the children! And praise Him!

*Assuming you're in England, that is.


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