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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Baubles of mass destruction

This Saturday Jesus & I met my dad & stepmother at the Museum of the American West to protest their current exhibit, Totems to Turquoise: Native North American Jewelry Arts of the Northwest and Southwest. It was, as you would expect, an Unhinged orgy of America-bashing tarted up as "culture," served with the usual bromides from the godless creed of Multiculturalism and its bastard progeny, "Diversity."

The SCUD used to deliver this toxic payload was an exhibit of the decorative artifacts of Native American tribes. The underlying theme was that the tribes' relationships with the "natural" & "spiritual" worlds were embodied within the very materials these Satanic artisans used to construct their blasphemous trinkets. This opened the door for all sorts of assaults on Christianity, which usually took the form of denying its importance to these ingrates: What looked like the beloved Cross to these eyes was actually a syncretic adaptation of some barbaric fairy tale about dragonflies.

The most predictable means of attacking Our Nation's Heritage came in the shape of another liberal whitewash. The program notes make several references to the uneasy relationship between these red-skinned squatters and the Christians who came to claim the land that God had promised them, but not once do they use the I-word. That's right, according to the guardians of elitist cultural institutions, radical Islam had absolutely nothing to do with the Jihad the Indians waged against the settlers. Can we really entrust Our Children's education to these people when their allegiance to the dreaded Political Correctness prevents them from stating the obvious? I dare say not. Los Angeles area Christians, please protest this abomination as your schedule allows. Praise Him!


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