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Monday, July 24, 2006

The paper chaste

As my all too brief stint in beauty school taught me, America's institutions of higher learning have been utterly vanquished by The Left's orthodoxy of political correctness. Even the smallest demonstration of my Faith (e.g. blessing the cuticle sticks before Intro to Man/Ped, or requesting a moment of silence to pray for the conversion of the Jews at the start of Frosting & Streaking) was met with Unhinged howls of liberal outrage from my instructors and fellow students alike, and I spent countless hours instructing the administration of Martinelli's School of Beauty on the the most basic points of Constitutional law. You would think that Baptist colleges would seek to provide a safe haven for us persecuted Christians from this same sort of Godless indoctrination by the Darwinists and their radical homosexual cohorts. Unfortunately, you couldn't be more wrong:
Georgetown [College] is among a half-dozen colleges and universities whose ties with state Baptist conventions have been severed in the last four years, part of a broad realignment in which more than a dozen Southern Baptist universities, including Wake Forest and Furman, have ended affiliations over the last two decades. Georgetown’s parting was ultimately amicable. But many have been tense, even bitter.

In Georgia and Missouri, disputes over who controls the boards of Baptist colleges led to prolonged litigation. In Tennessee, a clash over whether Belmont University in Nashville could appoint non-Baptists to its board led the Tennessee Baptist Convention to vote in May to remove the entire board. Belmont’s trustees are still running the university, and while negotiations are continuing, the battle for control could end up in court. ...

The issues vary from state to state. But many Southern Baptist colleges and their state conventions have been battling over money, control of boards of trustees, whether the Bible must be interpreted literally, how evolution is taught, the propriety of some books for college courses and of some plays for campus performances and whether cultural and religious diversity should be encouraged.
How sad to see the spirit of philosophical inquiry being extinguished by the Huns of The Left, as nothing is more precious to them than ensuring lock-step conformity of thought on Our Nation's campuses. I can only hope that Bob Jones U can hold these assasins back long enough for me to get my degree in Cosmetology Management, with a focus on Public Policy. Praise Him!


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