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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Personal Worst

Despite what you'd think, there hasn't even been one story on the events of the Rapture unfolding in the Middle East told from the perspective of Christian cosmetology, so I suspect MSM has imposed another one of their news blackouts on the topic. Rest assured, I will keep looking until my Prayer Warriors tell me otherwise. In the meantime, let's look at what the terrorist's fifth column here in the United States is up to.

The Left recently gave us an unwitting glimpse of who's really pulling the levers behind the curtain -- meet your new with lesbian/trial lawyer/secular humanist/vegetarian overlords:
A lesbian couple filed a medical malpractice lawsuit Tuesday claiming cancer treatments damaged their sexual relationship. Their attorneys said it is the first lawsuit of its kind under Connecticut's new law allowing civil unions for gay couples.
These chapstick lesbians should be laughed out of court. Everyone knows that aging dykes don't have sex; they argue. It serves the same damn purpose: infecting America's body politic with the PC retrovirus. It's time Americans woke up and saw what the gay rights agenda really is: a radical ploy by the ACLU to litigate America into dhimmitude. Praise Him!


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