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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sister Nancy Beth's wedding bell blues

Hello, Christians! Exciting "behind-the-scenes" developments made blogging a pretty low priority the past few days, so I figured I needed to tack on an extra day to my blogging sabbatical. Once again the pro-Sodomy agenda of radical homosexual activists is threatening to rip America's Families apart, and this time it's personal: in a nutshell, my brother's wife of 10 years filed for divorce without his even knowing it, and then started threatening to move with their two kids to some miserable crater in Arizona. Perhaps they were heartened by the recent court ruling upholding Nebraska's gay marriage ban, because the flurry of email messages from last night & this morning seem to indicate that they are going to try to patch things up... no thanks to those dastardly homosexuals, mind you. Christians, it can happen to you, so please be on guard.

In other Marriage-themed news, the ceremony Jesus & I went to in Newport Beach was quite lovely, but I was distressed, to put it mildly, that the officiating minister didn't find it necessary to include any language stating that Marriage is the bedrock institution of Western Culture, nor did he exhort the bride to quickly get pregnant. This sort of Political Correctness run amok will surely be the death of Our Country. Praise Him!


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