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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Elegy for a fallen Nancy-Con

I am deeply saddened to have to mark the passing on of loyal Nancy-Con Waremouse to a higher plane (And I am more saddened to see that in its place is a Japanese spam outfit -- before the body was even cold, if you will. Tsk). Waremouse was among the first of the Whores of Heresy to see the errors of their ways and add me to their blogrolls, and I considered it among the highest of honors to be bestowed upon a young Christian blogger such as myself. Had I known I would be composing a eulogy of sorts, I would have taken better notes, but Waremouse was among the few intelligent gay male bloggers who didn't listen to horrible music and weren't afraid to examine their lives. I hope he will not deny the world his insights, but let's face it: blogging sucks. In tribute to him, he will remain on the Nancy-Con portion of the blogroll until I get off my lazy ass and update the template. Good luck to you, my friend.


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