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Monday, July 31, 2006

The bad seeds

For those of you who live in mortal terror of the threat that Osama's day laborers pose to Our Nation, I am pleased to announce a development that may offer you some relief. It appears that the Reconquista of America by illegal immigrants is being staunched, however temporarily:
For now, willing parents can get Guatemalan babies by paying thousands of dollars to notaries who act as baby brokers, recruiting birth mothers, handling all the paperwork and completing the job in less than half the time it takes elsewhere. The process is so streamlined that Guatemala outpaces all other countries in the percentage of its children put up for adoption in the United States.

All this will likely end once the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions takes effect in the United States. The U.S. will then require all foreign adoptions to meet tougher international standards, which Guatemala ratified in 2003 but has yet to implement.
Cross-cultural adoption like this is yet another guise in which liberals cloak their hatred for America. Naturally, Hollywood celebrities are particularly keen on this trend, as the ethnic composition of one particular actress' brood has begun to resemble some United Nations panel on the status of the rights of transgendered clamshuckers. If these people really cared about America, they would do what any God-fearing patriot would do: abuse fertility drugs until she pops out a litter of eight babies. When you consider that America's freezers are full of beautiful white Christian embryos waiting to be browned & served in the womb of some lucky Daughter of Eve, the willful importation of these future ingrates is nothing short of an act of Treason, and should be punished accordingly. Praise Him!


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