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Saturday, July 29, 2006

The gilded palace of spin

When I saw the headline for a recent Human Events Online piece, "U.S. Reporter Attacked by Castro Goons in Argentina," my immediate reaction was one of sickness and disbelief. "Oh, no," I thought to myself, "a gaggle of nancies in flannel shirts and handlebar moustaches have gone on a Provincetown-style rampage. It's just like what Andrew Sullivan warned us about. Is anyone safe from the Pink Menace?"

So it came as a relief -- sort of -- to find out that the Castro goons in question were actually of the old-school Cuban sort. Once again The Left shows its true colors by going all Unhinged in the face of Freedom:
For the first time in 50 years a U.S. reporter actually asked Fidel Castro a pertinent question. This journalistic landmark took place last week while Castro visited Argentina. Castro (naturally) freaked. Why the NERVE!! "You're a mercenary paid by the Bush!" he shrieked. "Who pays you? You'll probably try to assassinate me with a bomb!" As Castro yelled and sputtered, his bodyguards sprang into kung-fu mode and pounced on the offending reporter choke holding him and threatening much worse if he persisted in his impertinence.
Chalk another one up for the civility of The Left. Afterwards, I bet he went and left nasty comments on a right-wing blog.

It's a true testament to Cuba's backwardness that Castro would even take unscripted questions from the press like this. As the inquisitional briefings our treasonous MSM routinely subjects Our President to shows, having a patriotic press secretary run interference works wonders in promoting honesty and integrity in our Democracy. But I guess the opportunity to engage in foul-mouthed rants is far too satisfying for our moonbat friends to pass up. Praise Him!


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