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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Apparently launching their missiles into Israel isn't enough for the anti-glamour forces of Lezbollah. Now they've taken to debasing cosmetology in their wicked jihad against Freedom:
DAMASCUS, Syria — The barbershop here on a shady side street says it's for VIPs, and a cut could set you back a hefty $20 or more.

But not if you're from Lebanon.

A sign lets customers know that Lebanese refugees get trimmed and shaved for free. Barber Tarek Hammami has also hit up his clients, the well-to-do kind who can afford his elite haircuts, and talked them into delivering truckloads of fans, small refrigerators and food to shelters for those who have fled the violence in Lebanon.

"All the Lebanese who ended up here in Damascus, they're poor people who have nowhere else to go. That's one reason we help," Hammami said Monday. "But there's another reason. We feel that maybe what they're doing to the Lebanese people, maybe they'll do to us, to all the Arab people, next. Maybe next year is our turn."
Just imagine it, Christians: Thousands of Al Qaeda hairdressers maniacally snipping away on the borders of Israel as they practice their black art, and all with the sole objective of restoring the Caliphate. If that isn't enough to make you pray for a couple of "errant" cruise missiles to "accidentally" land in the beauty parlors of Damascus (and Tehran, for good measure), then you've clearly been infected with the anti-Semitism of The Left. Praise Him!

* Term coined by commenter Esperanto Manimal.


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