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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The new Salem witch-hunters

I figured I could safely ignore the Ohio coingate scandal as the figment of the hyperactive imagination of unhinged liberal bloggers... until I saw the craven depths that they would sink to (my emphasis):
The executive director of the Ohio Elections Commission expects to recommend today that a complaint against a former governors’ aide involving illegal campaign contributions be referred to prosecutors.

H. Douglas Talbott, who previously worked for Govs. George V. Voinovich and Bob Taft, took cash from former Maumee coin dealer Thomas W. Noe in 2004 and made contributions in his own name to three Ohio Supreme Court justices, according to a complaint referred to the commission by investigators. ...

Taft also appointed Talbott to the Ohio Cosmetology Board in July 2003. Besides the elections complaint, Talbott faces possible ethics charges related to a $39,000 loan he reportedly took from Noe but didn’t disclose.
Is nothing sacred to The Left? Two days ago, they turned Coretta Scott King's funeral into an orgy of Bush-bashing, and now they're going after the backbone of Christianity, cosmetology. Until liberals learn how to overcome the temptation to politicize everything, they will continue to marginalize themselves to the point of total irrelevance.


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