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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Keep your liberal arts out of my ladyparts

It was a busy day at the Beauty Palace today, with Conchita's incessant demands keeping me occupied for seven and a half hours straight. I couldn't even do my blogging on my lunch hour, which is what I usually try to do in these circumstances, because I had to protest the post office & the local Rite-Aid. I think my work here is an important expression of My Christian Faith, and her endless list of tasks that kept me from blogging while at work was a thinly veiled attempt to rob me of my basic Constitutional rights. Christians, please pray for me, as the persecution I must endure by the evil forces of Secularism knows no bounds.

I did manage to visit a few of my Prayer Warriors, and was naturally struck by the following passage from David Limbaugh's recent piece over at Human Events Online:
Though O'Beirne has been a fierce advocate of equal opportunity for women, she abhors the radical feminists' goal of legally enforcing an equality of outcomes, which would include, for example, absurdly equalizing the percentage of cosmetology, welding and carpentry students between the sexes.
I witnessed this with my very own eyes during my one semester at beauty school. The Ward Churchills of Martinelli's Beauty College were so devoted to its PC orthodoxy of total gender parity they'd admit any males that applied, even the fags. But that's nothing compared to the poisonous ideology found in some other ivory towers:

O'Beirne cites a female sociology professor, Jessie Barnard, who says, "To be happy in a relationship which imposes so many impediments on her, as traditional marriage does, women must be slightly mentally ill." Another, Katharine Bartlett, the dean of Duke University's law school, attributes women's support for the traditional, nuclear family to deeply rooted ideology (read: brainwashing). ...

While radical feminists hold themselves out as champions of women's freedom and choice, they have sought to systematically undercut the natural bond between mother and child and put a guilt trip on mothers who would prefer temporarily to sacrifice their professional careers and stay home during their children's formative years.

The relentless guilt-trip working women lay on stay-at-home moms (How dare you want to be present for your child's early years when you could be paying two thirds of your income to daycare? ) reminds me of my own persecution I've had to routinely withstand. These attacks should come as no surprise, since the same anti-Christian, anti-Family cabal that kept me from blogging today is the same one that's calling the shots in Corporate America.

Something I've often wondered is why my Prayer Warriors, despite their relentless assaults, have yet to deliver the final coup de grace that would finally consign Feminism to the same dustbin of history as Communism and other discredited ideologies. After all, we have been told that feminism has alternately outlived its usefulness, like Latin, or never reached its objectives, like Esperanto, which may lead a waivering Christian to wonder why this high level of vitriol is directed at a dead language. But as Limbaugh points out, the cloistered halls of academia are little more than incubators of extremism, hatching more unkempt man-haters within this viper's nest than a summer's worth of Lilith Fair concerts. Kudos to O'Beirne & Limbaugh for casting them into the light; perhaps now they'll make peace with their God-given inferiority and serve their men humbly. Praise Him!


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