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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

But what I really want to do is project

Living in the devil's day spa of West Hollywood, I truly am in the belly of that Beast known as "Hollywood." I make it a point to avoid the idle Industry-speak about the upcoming whatever, because in all likelihood it's a colossal waste of makeup that would have been put to better use in some Third World country furthering the cause of Glamour. That it would be offensive to my Christian beliefs goes without saying, naturally. However, a number of things have shown up on my radar screen that make me think that we Christians may have slain this putrid Whore of Babylon once and for all:

RenewAmerica announces the release of an exciting 35 minute featurette premised on the horrors of partial-birth abortion. While RenewAmerica and the filmmakers are necessarily mum about the plot twists in the film, I'm hoping for something uplifting, like a partially-birthed & aborted fetus who comes back from the dead to gnaw off the faces of Ted Kennedy & Nancy Pelosi.

AgapePress reports that something called The Gospel is seeing the light of day (again?) via release on dvd:
The story is centered around David "D.T." Taylor, a young man who once aspired to be a minister but decided to disconnect himself from the church and his family after the death of his mother and the absence of his busy father. Now, Taylor is a hot R&B recording artist at the top of his career and is forced to face the struggles of his past decisions after returning home to check on his sick father. The "quick" trip home turns out to be an unexpected journey in which Taylor seeks peace with his family, himself and God.
I guess it's like The Jazz Singer, only the Neil Diamond character is black this time.

NBC has pulled the plug on two serial offenders of Taste & Decency, The West Wing and Will & Grace. It's gratifying to know that my countless letters and threats of boycotts to their respective advertisers, stars, network brass, and local affiliates will at long last keep this trash off the air, except for where it's gone into syndication. Better news yet is the axing of that abomination known as the Book of Daniel. When we Christians work together, there's no low-rated show we can't get cancelled or released on dvd. Praise Him!


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