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Friday, January 27, 2006

Behind the Orange veil

Those of you who question how deeply the Satanic forces of Islamofascism have burrowed into America's Spiritual Heartland need look no further than the harrowing case of Azim Shariat, a former Muslim who left that deathcult for the loving embrace of Christianity. Mr. Shariat has learned the central tenets of Our Faith well, namely Blessed are the plaintiffs in spurious lawsuits, for they shall litigate their way into the Kingdom of God :
Azim Shariat, an Iranian who came to the U.S. 30 years ago and became a citizen, converted from Islam to Christianity in 1981 and is now a pastor. Several years ago, he attended a Persian New Year's festival at a public park in Orange County, California, where tens of thousands of other celebrants were gathered.

While there, Shariat took out a portable radio/audiocassette player he had brought along and began playing Christian songs. Someone in the predominately Muslim crowd complained to police, who arrested the Christian festival attendee for allegedly violating a noise ordinance.

Shariat was shocked when the police accosted him, especially since many other people in the park were playing other types of music. But after what the minister describes as his humiliating, public arrest and physical mistreatment while in custody, the County decided not to prosecute and the charges against him were eventually dropped.

Pastor Shariat filed suit against Orange County, challenging the way the ordinance he had been charged with violating was applied. However, the initial trial court ruling did not go in the minister's favor. Although several law enforcement officers testified with widely differing views of what the law required and to whom it should be applied, the trial court nevertheless ruled in the County’s favor that the law was not vague.
The Mullahs of the so-called Religion of Peace have even taken over Orange County Superior Court... or perhaps I should be calling it "Orange County Sharia Court." Fortunately, he's going to appeal, as Lady Justice has had her scales taken from her and been wrapped in a burqa at the trial court level.

According to a story I found from the time of the initial arrest, Mr. Shariat had hooked up two large speakers powered by a generator to his tape player and began belting out His Heavenly Tunes without a permit, which is evidently a violation of the Orange County Code of Ordinances. I believe I found the section in question, though I can't vouch for how accurate a translation from its original Arabic it is. The provision strikes me as patently anti-Christian on its face, particularly the last part which tries to regulate how we celebrate the Feast of Maximum Amplification:
Sec. 2-5-26. Amplified sound system, music and live music--permit required.

No person shall set up, use, operate or maintain an amplified sound system, music and live music within any park, beach or recreational area except in those areas specifically designated, nor shall any person set up, use, operate or maintain an amplified sound system, music and live music without first obtaining a written permit. The Director, or his designated agents are expressly given the authority to determine the maximum amplification permissible in areas designated consistent with other persons' enjoyment of the recreational area facilities.
What's especially galling are the claims of selective enforcement, since only Mr. Shariat was harassed by the OC fedayeen, despite the fact that many attendees were playing music:
"Any pastor, or any individual for that matter, should be free to be able to express themselves in public forums like public parks," Dacus contends. They should "not be persecuted," he adds, "simply because their message is one of Christianity and not one of Islam."
Or because they don't have the necessary permits. This sham of justice reminds me of the time I got a ticket in West Covina for speeding and tailgaiting, which I probably was, but I was the only one who got nabbed. Did my Christian bumper stickers and rosaries hanging from my rearview mirror make me a more desirable target to the CHP than my fellow tailgaters? I believe we all know the answer to that one. I only wish I had been tipped off to the Crusaders for Justice at Pacific Justice Institute. On behalf of persecuted Christians everywhere in America, I wish Mr. Shariat Godspeed, and remind him that if the Court of Appeals nixes his suit, he can still appeal to the Supreme Court, and probably get a RenewAmerica column out of his ordeal to boot. Praise Him!

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