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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The [Teen] People's Republic of Christian Persecution

MSM's least contested and most repeated lie is that the women of America use makeup to turn ourselves into alluring sex kittens, rather than to express Our Christian Faith in The Almighty. You would think that my arch-nemesis, Teen People, would have been sufficiently chastened by the last drubbing I gave them about unchecked liberal bias to engage in chicanery of this stripe again. However, as the saying goes, old habits die hard, or maybe it's just that my Prayer Warriors have been too engrossed in locating altered Reuters photos to aim their mighty blowguns against these monsters. Would anyone be surprised to see that these enemies of Freedom are once again using beauty aids to debase Our Nation's Virtue?

To most Patriots, fall means heading back to school to litigate specious claims that ensure Our Nation's Judeo-Christian Values are properly Honored in the courtroom as well as the classroom. To the liberal press, however, it's when unsupervised teens are free to emulate their favorite pop stars and engage in pre-marital intercourse while abusing cosmetics. Case in point is Teen People's "profile" of Nellie Furtado, which has the teaser line of "Why be faithful to just one makeup style? 'Promiscuous' songstress Nelly Furtado shows you how to make things up with a quartet of hot looks." What follows is an act of entertainment-industry heresy so debauched it made me wish Linda Blair would show up with her crucifix, just for comic relief. Here's even more filth from these shameless sleaze merchants urging our children to spread it like peanut butter:
Get Loose

Nelly Furtado is having the summer of her life. She's got a No. 1 CD, Loose; a No. 1 single, "Promiscuous"; and a new muse: daughter Nevis, 2 (with ex-beau DJ Jasper "Lil' Jaz" Gahunia). "Even people who don't use big words know the word 'promiscuous,'" says the singer, 27, who blends folk, hip-hop and pop. So, is she? "In the studio," she says. "I'm not faithful to one style. I'm a musically promiscuous girl!"
Despite the overwhelming proof that only musical abstinence can prevent teen pregnancy, MSM once again gives promiscuity the hard sell. I can only hope that Ms. Furtado doesen't transmit any social diseases to these unsuspecting musical styles.

Pre-marital sex and free love aren't the only things Ms. Furtado is shilling for. She's also pushing the great lie of "natural beauty" (read: lesbianism) that seeks to turn our daughters from docile servants of The Lord into angry feminists. Observe:

To get a look that’s equal parts sweet and sophisticated, remember: Less is more. Dab a shimmer-infused beige eye shadow on lids and brush a gold-flecked highlighter on cheeks for a warm glow. Finish with a sheer, shiny gloss.
Sure, if you're headlining a womyn's music festival. The rest of us want to look like women, thank you.

Perhaps the greatest Outrage Teen People perpetrates against Morality is their incitement to use cosmetics to tart yourself up like a streetwalker, rather than advocating Beauty Respect demonstrated by women like Katherine Harris and Debra Maggart:


Up the glam factor with a major red lip (berry red is the most wearable), liquid black liner (on lids only) and a coat of red polish on short, groomed nails. Bombshell!

Bombshell? More like Katyusha, since they both have the same effect: weakening America and her allies against the predations of The Left. Terrorism takes many forms, and unless we fight back against all its encroachments, we Christians will find ourselves "winning" the same sort of "victory" that Israel recently claimed. Praise Him!


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