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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Love him or Lieberman

I just want to be on record saying that if Joe Lieberman loses today (and there appears the strong likelihood he will), it will be the Worst. Possible. Thing. Ever. in the history of civilization, Western or otherwise. The victory this hands to those insufferable liberal bloggers will result in deafening crowing I will be hearing about well into my 70's, should The Rapture not take me sooner. You're going to hear a lot of shrill talk about "seachange," and not in their usual Village People/"In the Navy" way, and the mounting opposition to Our President's agenda. The Left will be unable to shut up about a newly reinvigorated Democratic Party, and the oh-so-delicious-it's-worthy-of-Miss-Atlantis-Morissette-herself irony that all it took to turn them from a bunch of losers into a team of winners was the defeat of one of their own Democratic candidates. I counsel you, my sisters: These are dark days ahead for us Christian folk, so it's best to stay focused on those photoshopped news photos. Praise Him!


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