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Monday, August 28, 2006

Putting the dicks in Dixie

As a resident of West Hollywood, I am as acutely aware as anyone of the malignant effects homosexual immigration -- of questionable legality, let it be said -- has upon a community's Christian Morals. It seems like every year, there are more and more of these damn nancies stuffed into this city, foisting their filthy homosexual customs like focaccia upon us, and translating the national anthem into their decadent homosexual patois: Oh, Mary! Feast your eyes upon that rapturous sunrise!

I thought it would only be we coastal folk who would have to suffer the ravages of this pox upon Our Nation, but a recent piece over at Prayer Warriors Agape Press indicates that the influx of illegal homosexual immigrants into the southern states has been more extensive than you or I had previously imagined. This invasion has no doubt been made more acute by their usual tactics of having 11 kids at taxpayers' expense, all of whom live in the same one-bedroom apartment, and interfering with the delivery of Michelle Malkin's mail. It's reached the point that even black people are feeling their pinch:
With the rise of gay activists in Democratic politics, it was only a matter of time before gays below the Mason-Dixon Line attempted to flex their political muscle and challenge the prominence of the party's black leaders. And with primary election of the homosexual lobby's lesbian lieutenant -- Patricia Todd -- the Democrats' Bull Run followed. ...

The Todd story shows there is a power shift occurring in the Democratic Party. Homosexual activists are marching out of strongholds such as San Francisco, South Beach, and Provincetown, and they have their eyes set on other places, such as the Land of Cotton. It is not a coincidence that Howard Dean took great interest in this obscure Alabama race, for Patricia Todd stands to be Alabama's first lesbian representative -- and this will be seen as a major victory in cultural politics. Dean understands the new look of the party he chairs. ...

Understand this -- the homosexual lobby is on a quest to raise its rainbow flag over every state house in the Union. Blacks in the South are now learning this lesson, for their party is on the receiving end of a forcible makeover. Make no mistake, Todd was a trophy candidate; a candidate funded by the gay lobby, and her victory signals the Democratic wind is blowing in a new direction. Gays in, blacks out.

Right now, just like the tradesmen described by Aesop, black and gay Democrats are quarrelling amongst themselves. This sneeze will soon give the DNC a terrible cold. Traditionalists must recognize this rift and bring the message of traditional values to the newly dejected black southern Democrat. Traditionalists must offer blacks a new home by using the issues of marriage protection, life, and school choice. Traditionalists must show southern blacks there is an alternative to the Democratic Machine -- that it is a reason to break ranks with the likes of the NAACP.
I can't think of a more Glorious homecoming for the prodigal children of the Party of Lincoln than for them to come back to the fold harrumphing about gay rights. The Democratic Party's message of civil liberties for minorities is a good idea in theory. In reality, however, all it gets you is rising property values and a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on every corner, while the queens circle the neighborhood and blast those odious show tunes from their luxury sedans whie looking for a parking place. I hope the macacas and their dusky-hued ilk know that there is always a spot for them at the Republicans' table, provided they clear it afterwards. Praise Him!


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