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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Prole tart threat

Because the jihad against Our Nation's virtue takes many forms, you'll probably never see Hanoi Hillary Clinton's face on any of the FBI's Most Wanted posters. Hillary is a dangerous and cunning adversary, and she isn't afraid to do whatever it takes to advance her sinister agenda of subjecting America to dhimmitude, as the moldering corpses of former trysting partners Vincent Foster, Ron Brown, and John Denver* can attest.

Hillary's latest attack on Freedom comes to us via Prayer Warrior National Review's Louis Wittig, who exposes how Hillary is once again coarsening the political discourse: She takes away the God-given right of every rightwing pundit to debate her hotness, and through cosmetology(!) no less:
In fact, for almost two pantsuit-and-sensible-hairstyle-filled decades, dismissing Hillary Clinton’s sex appeal and its potential implications seems to have been Hillary Clinton’s goal.
What's worse is that her feminazi Gestapo even has people afraid to so much as open their mouths about it:
I posted an ad on Craigslist soliciting America’s anonymous thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s sex appeal. It drew exactly three responses. A sampling: “I would love to be here White Hosue Intern,” “I wish I was her boyfriend, I would make her happy” (phone number included) and “she has kankles.” It seems premature to drawn any conclusions here.

Standing outside the Museum of Sex that day, Hillary partisan Bob Kunst acknowledged an attraction (and added the only bit of political sex appeal strategizing I got.) “She’s a very good looking woman…that may be a problem…women are jealous…the country may not be ready for someone who’s attractive and smart.” Then he quickly changed the subject to Clinton’s national security credentials.
I'm sure that's when the black Lincoln pulled up to the curb.

What's worse, it's not just Hillary's minions in the government that are doing this: This shit's gone New World Order. Hillary has some friends in Very High Places who aren't disinclined to bend the rules in order to grant her those special favors:
To try and add some scientific heft to Kunst’s appreciation, I downloaded an unlabeled, amateur-taken picture of Hillary from the web and posted it on Hot or Not.com — leader of a small pack of teen-tilted websites that allows visitors to scroll through pictures of strangers and rate their hotness on a scale of 1 to 10. Over 1,000 voters rated Hillary, judging her a 6.6 (according to the site’s metrics, hotter than 62 percent of the women on the site) before Hot or Not moderators took the picture down for violating their “no pictures of famous people” rule.
America, we have been put on notice. Either we can stand up to this women (by blogging viciously bitchy things about her), or we can accept this first step of the American Caliphate. An America where straight white men can't masturbate to pictures of attractive female politicians is one that I don't want to live in, and I doubt any of you want that, either. Praise Him!

*I know this one might seem weird, but these are just the ones she's killed so far. When all the pieces come to light, it will make perfect sense.


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