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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hark, for unto you an Outrage is born!

Boy, it feels like it just comes sooner every year, doesn't it? I am talking about, of course, The Left's Global War on Christmas:
It appears the battle against what some call the politically correct title for Christmas has already begun. A pro-family group is highlighting ad on page 69 in the Sam's Club in-house magazine, Source, that promotes "holiday" cards, ribbons and gift bags, despite all the products obviously being designed for Christmas.

Randy Sharp, special projects director for the American Family Association, says it looks like Sam's Club parent company Wal-Mart is adhering to the same "holiday" policy in the 2006 season as it followed in 2005. "Last year," he says, "Wal-Mart refused to use the word Christmas in their advertising, and they were inundated by angry customers. And already this year they're showing their true colors by again refusing to acknowledge Christmas." ...

"Last week the first Christmas ad came out, and that was for Sam's Club, owned by the Wal-Mart Stores Corporation," the AFA spokesman explains. "The ad is clearly meant to promote Christmas decorations and Christmas tree items," he says, "but Sam's Club refuses to refer to Christmas as Christmas. They simply use the generic term holiday."
Christians, this is undoubtedly the gravest threat Our Nation faces today, as it possible that millions of American citizens won't hear of this perfidy by America's retailers until mid-September, or even October. Let's show them that we're not going to be mollified by some UN peace-keeping force in the War on Christmas. Praise Him!


  • At August 30, 2006 11:59 AM, Blogger Gerald Fnord said…

    Ye Gods, will the un-American, objectively pro-terrorist Secularists and their Kwaanzite, Yuleist, and Hannukan allies stop at nothing? How could good all-American patriots like Walmart bow to the fetid wishes of this Fifth Column of po-faced bedwetters?

    We had barely managed to put the trauma and grief of last year's Christmas Wars behind us (our tears flowed like rain when the Rebel Secularist Air Force shot down Santa's sleigh.) Now it's starting again already? Someone alert Bill O'Reilly immediately! A curse upon their oily hides!

  • At August 30, 2006 9:08 PM, Blogger Sister Nancy Beth Eczema said…

    Pope Nixon: Agreed. I wept so hard I shook when I read The Left was up to their old tricks again so soon.


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