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Friday, September 08, 2006

California scheming

For a group of people who profess to love Freedom so much, The Left certainly treats it with utter contempt. Their latest attacks on Liberty come to our attention via Prayer Warriors Human Events Online, where state Assemblyman Ray Haynes (R-Nowhere) highlights three of their recent ploys to enslave us citizens of California under the Islezbofascist caliphate:
First, SB 840 by State Senator Sheila Kuehl, a socialist from West Hollywood. SB 840 would create a “single-payer” medical system (that single payer being the government) so that “everyone” would have “medical care.” Of course everyone means everyone, whether they are in this country legally or illegally, and whether they can afford to pay for it themselves or not, or whether their boss is already paying for it. Essentially, you or your boss would pay a tax to the state, and in return, you would get medical care.

The key problem is what kind of medical care you would get. It would be rendered by government bureaucrats who have lifetime jobs from which it is impossible to fire if they accidentally killed you while rendering the care. And if the government ran out of money, they could just tell you the care is not available. Or, you would pay taxes for bureaucrats who earn six or seven figure salaries, never see a patient, and who just sit around all day and try to figure out how not to give you medical care.
Socialism, West Hollywood, illegal immigrants... you don't need to be Michelle Malkin to see that this is yet another step towards the Reconquista, where hard-working white Christians toil in the salt mines for the benefit of our Latino communist homosexual overlords who are pulling in million dollar incomes. I say to hell with universal health insurance. Give me death or give me... um, death.
Next, State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez “attempted” to stop global warming by presenting AB 32. If California doesn’t stop greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (like carbon dioxide, which is what we breathe out when we talk), the whole world will collapse into a molten pool of hot lava (or so Nunez contends). So let’s create a large government bureaucracy, which will write a whole bunch of reports and regulations (which, by the way, kill trees, trees which would absorb carbon dioxide), and the world will be safe again.
Global warming, along with female orgasms and "natural" beauty, are the biggest lies liberals have been able to market to the gullible American public, when their sole objectives are to get us to use public transportation, convert to Islam, and experiment with homosexuality. I thank Our Heavenly Father for giving us someone with the courage to stand up to that sinister cabal made up of those terrorist front organizations like the UN, the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Meteorological Society. If only Governor Schwarzenegger had such moral clarity, but evidently the Kennedy woman has addled his mind with her mealy-mouthed liberal platitudes.

The Left hates temperance of any sort, so the following comes as no surprise:
Next, Assemblymember Sally Lieber presented AB 1835 to increase in the minimum wage. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a large chunk of the hourly workers who get minimum wage are teenagers. So your son, the one who takes his car out Friday night, and doesn’t tell you where he is going, just got more beer money.
I agree with Assemblyman Haynes: If parents want their teenagers to drink, they should follow the lead of the First Family and allow them to obtain false ids, rather than tinkering with the minimum wage. Punishing small businesses to advance teen alcoholism shows how truly out of touch The Left is.

As you can see, Freedom is hardly free. It requires our willingness and strength of character to let millions of people exercise their right not to have health insurance while living below the poverty level, and to let energy companies generate millions of tons of greenhouse gases. Anything less is a stale retread of the Stalinism that was discredited by the Gipper decades ago. Praise Him!


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