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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Squeal, Magnolias

Somebody ought to notify the ladies of The Cotillion about Treason of this magnitude. As much as I thought I could depend on my sistren in the Sunbelt to uphold Our Nation's Values (neatly encapsulated by the Three C's: Christ, Cosmetics, and Country Music), it seems these weak-minded Dixie belles are slowly buying in to the Three D's of Defeatism, Debauchery, and the Democratic Party (h/t: AmericaBlog):
MACON, Ga. - President Bush's once-solid relationship with Southern women is on the rocks. "I think history will show him to be the worst president since Ulysses S. Grant," said Barbara Knight, a self-described Republican since birth and the mother of three. "He's been an embarrassment." In the heart of Dixie, comparisons to Grant, a symbol of the Union, is the worst sort of insult, especially from a Macon woman who voted for Bush in 2000 but turned away in 2004. ...

"In 2004, you saw an utter collapse of the gender gap in the South," said Karen Kaufmann, a professor of government at the University of Maryland who has studied women's voting patterns. White Southern women liked Bush because "he spoke their religion and he spoke their values."
And don't forget how commanding the mighty Presidential Basket looked in a flight suit. Its ability to resist the enticing lips of plump Jewesses and tirelessly serve the cause of Freedom earned him the adoration of every Christian woman I know. It should be the stuff of legend, or at the very least, a flattering ABC miniseries.

Don't lose sight of the fact that this "news" is coming to us via MSM, thus the causes of disenchantment with Our President stem from the typically Unhinged "root causes":
Now, anger over the Iraq war and frustration with the country's direction have taken a toll on the president's popularity and stirred dissatisfaction with the Republican-held Congress. ...

Sandy Rubin, a high school teacher in Macon, voted for Bush and said she's also likely to vote for [Democratic Rep. Jim] Marshall. Rubin said the GOP's focus on issues that appeal to social conservatives, such as gay marriage and abortion, have turned her off.

"I care about job security and education. The things I hear the Republicans emphasizing in their campaigns are not things that affect me or my family," said the 39-year-old mother of two.

The movement of some Southern women away from the Republican Party tracks with national poll results showing that women have become more disillusioned with the war and were more likely than men to list the conflict as the important issue facing the country.
Why do Southern women hate America? Much like we had to take the fight to the terrorists in Iraq to keep America safe, we need to ban homosexualist marriage and flag burning here to prevent these Evils from taking root in non-American soil, where unchecked by the hand of Providence, they would grow into menaces worse than a thousand 9/11's. Of course, you'll never hear this from liberal media, but the Daughters of the Confederacy are advised to keep this in mind before they turn their sons into interior decorators who bow towards Mecca five times a day. Praise Him!


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