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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The sun is rising in the West!

Freedom Lovers, take heart: Prayer Warriors Newsmax have a story highlighting the timeless appeal of never-ending war:
Applications to West Point are edging up after a multiyear, wartime dip, the academy's superintendent said. ...

As of this month, the academy received 7,870 applicants for the class that will report in June 2007 - a 14 percent increase from the same time last year. Applications at West Point had dipped for several years following a spike generally attributed to post-Sept. 11 patriotism. The decreases, mirrored at other service academies, also played out amid mounting death tolls in Iraq and Afghanistan.

West Point's application deadline is still six months away, but officials said the numbers so far exceed those posted before the Sept. 11 attacks. They did not know why there was an uptick, but they did note they were more aggressive in seeking candidates last year.
Where the "reality-based community" sees a decaying job prospects, true Patriots see Victory!!!

But that's not the only surprise:
Hagenbeck said he was particularly pleased that the number of female applicants also was up this year.

While West Point has avoided the sort of highly publicized sex scandals that have roiled some other service academies, a Pentagon task force reported last year that hostile attitudes and inappropriate treatment of women persist at West Point and the Naval Academy. The task force said more women should be admitted as cadets and midshipmen.

"We are on track here," Hagenbeck said. "We will get a qualified pool of women from which to choose."
Got that, feminists? Girls are lining up to be demeaned on account of their gender, and if they happen to get molested by their male classmates, that's just icing on the cake. In your face, "ladies."

Newsmax has done us a vital service by bringing this story to Our Nation's attention, as it helps rebut The Left's droning message that WWVI (isn't that what we decided to call it?) is somehow unpopular with the American public. Their refreshing absence of bias is why I read them, and true to that spirit, I would also like to point out this story, with the underlying meaning that the first step to enacting MSM's secular Islezbofascist agenda will be by grafting a curvier physique onto the torso of liberal media's mendacious Big Sister. Praise Him!


  • At August 31, 2006 8:16 AM, Blogger Lulu Maude said…

    What happy news! I am sorry that I am too old to sacrifice my body to the cause of the War on Terror and the Ultimate Triumph of the Rapture! I only hope that this bad timing doesn't cost me points at the Great Accounting.

  • At August 31, 2006 8:43 PM, Blogger liquiddaddy said…

    Sister Nancy,

    I can tell from this and your earlier post on God's Mighty Wrath upon the sinners of chocolate city, that people, especially women, need to be put in their place every so often. What is true for Our Holy Father is true for the man of the house. The fallen of NOLA and the she-cadets of West Point had to suffer to feel loved, sinned to regain His love, and to show his love God had to punish them with a Bitch Slap of His Sublime Hand.

    As a Bride of Christ, I'm sure you have had to cross a few tiny wrists with the Sting of your ruler.

    Everybody needs a spanking.




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