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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Outrage cup runneth over

One of the greatest challenges facing us conservative bloggers is determining who hates America the most. There are some days, however, when I'm confronted with so many options that you're just going to have to make that call yourself. Good luck!

Nevada embraces Occult: Were the witch-hunting endeavors of our forefathers and foremothers in Salem all in vain? Apparently so, because the Nevada Office of Veterans Services has just grabbed its ankles for Satan and shouted, "Mount me!"
The widow of a Nevada soldier killed in Afghanistan a year ago won state approval Wednesday to place a Wiccan religious symbol on his memorial plaque, something the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs had refused.

"I'm just in shock," Roberta Stewart said from her home in Fernley, about 30 miles east of Reno. "I'm honored and ecstatic. I've been waiting a year for this."

Sgt. Patrick D. Stewart, 34, was killed in Afghanistan on Sept. 25 when the Nevada Army National Guard helicopter he was in was shot down. He was a follower of the Wiccan religion, which the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs does not recognize and so prohibits on veterans' headstones in national cemeteries.
If we can't defeat Islezbofascism at home, how can we ever hope to conquer it abroad? I seiously doubt this is the sort of Freedom Sgt. Stewart gave his life for. This is truly a dark day for Our Nation.

Terrorists attack food supply; MSM plays dumb - Liberal media doesn't seem to have a clue about this, but under the tutelage of Prayer Warrior Michelle Malkin, I've developed the ability to smell the musky scent of jihad underneath an Arab's robe from a hundred miles away:
Even if you wash the spinach, you still could be at risk. Sober warnings for salad lovers came from federal health officials Friday as they struggled to pinpoint a multistate E. coli outbreak that killed one person and sickened nearly 100 more.

Bagged spinach — the triple-washed, cello-packed kind sold by the hundreds of millions of pounds each year — is the suspected source of the bacterial outbreak, Food and Drug Administration officials said. ...

Initial suspicions focused on California's Monterey County. Farmers there grow more than half the nation's 500 million-pound spinach crop, according to the Agriculture Department.
They seem to have omitted the part where it's harvested by illegal immigrants... who are members of Al Qaeda! Experts have been predicting an attack of this sort for years, yet the answer is painfully simple: prohibit the carrying aboard of leafy greens on all commercial aircraft.

Islam goes totally Unhinged: Who could ever have guessed that Muslims would be so touchy? When His Grace quotes a medieval text, "Little Papal Footballs," that states Islam is evil and inhuman -- all in the interests of furthering ecumenical dialogue, mind you -- you'd think the head of one of the world's major religions had just insulted another major religion. Anyone can see that he's just stating the obvious, like Jews are crooked and Baptists are retarded. Get over it already, people.

Quite frankly, Christians, that's all the Outrage I can handle for one day. Hopefully this weeked will be quieter, and I can protest my chiropractor and the Beverly Center in peace. Praise Him!


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