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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Another MSM whitewash

Liberals are once again defiling the sacred arts of cosmetology to further their radical Islezbofascist agenda, but you wouldn't know it to read the New York Time's take on the whole matter. Whereas Christians easily recognize ethnic hair-braiding as a brazen display of The Left's contempt for all things American and a threat to National Security, MSM obtusely sees it as little more than some quaint "civil rights" issue:
But above the quiet artistry at Nene's Hair Braiding in West Philadelphia, rising over the sounds of a soap opera blaring in the background, simmers a burgeoning debate over a new state law that will require hair braiders to get special licenses.

''She got licensed to braid my hair when I paid her,'' Tasha Budd, 27, called out as Assatou Balde began the hours-long process of putting the tiny braids in her hair. ''Why do you need a license in 2006 when they've been braiding all these years? They just want your money.''

Supporters say the special licenses will keep braiders from getting unfair fines of up to $1,000 for not being licensed cosmetologists. But there is tension in the braiding community nationwide as some say the government is targeting an African art and may put immigrant braiders out of business.
Have these people learned nothing in the five years since 9/11? Rather than strengthen Our Nation's borders, liberal media would much rather waste their ink coddling illegal immigrants:
Some also worry about the plight of immigrant braiders who came to America with very little to their name and often don't speak the English, a skill they would likely need to get through certification classes.

''They came here with that craft,'' said Bertina Pelzer as she worked on a client's hair at Duafe Holistic Hair Care in North Philadelphia. ''That is their only means of getting any sort of income.''
Maybe in the moonbats' communistic wonderland all hairdos are created equal, but for those of us who inhabit the real world, this article is a sobering wake-up call: Illegal immigrants, in an attempt to reclaim their mythical homeland, are flocking to the beauty salons of Philadelphia and trying to impose their anti-American hairstyles on the rest of us. What's more galling is that according to the elitist gatekeepers of traditional media, that's just fine. The next time you sit down in your stylist's chair for a cut & color, who's to say you won't come out looking like Erykah Badu? Remember: The only way to fight this onslaught and prevent further appeasement to the forces of hairdo treachery is to maintain Republican majorities in both chambers of congress, so be sure to vote Republican whether you want to or not. Praise Him!


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