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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Chile con carnality

Thanks to The Left, it looks as though America has a new top export: Perversion. Not content with turning America's virtuous soccer moms into a horde of Democratic-voting MILFs, they have now set their predatory sights on the defenseless women of the African [oops] Latin American nation Chile:
Her economics may be pretty conventional, but in the social sphere, Chile's agnostic, no-longer-married-mother President Michele Bachelet is revolutionizing this traditionally conservative Catholic country. The government is tackling the problem of teenage pregnancy by handing out morning-after pills to 14-year olds without their parents' permission. A bill to allow terminally ill patients to choose a "merciful death" was recently introduced to the legislature, and there is growing momentum behind calls for a civil-union law that would extend the legal benefits of marriage to gay and unwed heterosexual couples. ...
Dear God -- has anyone seen Hillary Clinton and this Bachelorette woman together in the same room? They're like peas in a pod. While I can only guess at the unspeakable practices she had to employ so she could come to power, I'm sure the nation of Chile can now lay claim to an unfortunate legacy of torture and political violence, thanks to her ruthlessness.

If nothing else, she spotlights the need for Chile to switch from whatever archaic balloting system they're using to a state of the art electronic one, as this sounds fishy:
Chilean society itself had become more liberal, [Eugenio Tironi] says. "What conservative society would dare elect as president a woman, a leftist, a victim of human rights violations, and an annulled mother?"
One that doesn't know how to run an election! By the sounds of it, this Chile place is newly flush with cash, so Diebold, name your price. Praise Him!


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